Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tomorrow Is Never Promised

I woke up this morning with this thought burning in my heart and that thought is "the fact that most people tend to postpone happiness to a time when they are properly positioned and balanced to be able to enjoy it" and I was like, what the heck!!!!

Happiness is not a commodity that can be kept in the shelf and then brought out once in a while to be cleaned and admired.

Happiness is not in the things we obsessively possess, oh yes those might bring us some happiness but that is temporary

Happiness is actually in our DNA because when God created man, He gave him the marching orders and in those orders was contained the blueprint for happiness.

Invariably therefore, happiness is on our inside, it streams from who we are, it is a lifestyle and that lifestyle is shown in our everyday living.

Postponing happiness to tomorrow or to some time in the future when we have gathered all that we want to gather is not in comformity with the marching orders given to man by God.

And this is because tomorrow is not promised, here is one thing that God hid from mankind, to know when and how they would pass away from this sphere.

Passing away from this space is neither age dependent nor is it gender or class dependent.

Tomorrow rests with the Lord, today is all that we have and even that today is just the minute that we are still breathing and so while we have the opportunity to live, let's be happy for who we are, for what we have and for what we have become.

For as long as a man is still alive, there are things to be done, goals to be met, dreams to be dreamt of and hurdles to jump over.

Let this thought be in your mind, that happiness is intrinsic and should always be expressed irrespective of what is happening around and about.

Always be happy



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