Thursday, January 21, 2016

Waiting Is A Mistake!!!

How often have we wanted to say something kind to those around us only to hold back because we do not want them to feel disproportionately big headed?

How many times have we fallen back from taking that decision that would turn our lives 360 degrees simply because we don't want to say yes

How many times have we come to the brink of a breakthrough only to pull back because it required us to say something?

Well, I want to let you know that "waiting is a mistake" and the main reason is that you do not have all the time in the world.

Our time here is limited and anything can happen at any time and the worst part of it is that nobody knows when it will be his turn to answer the eternal call.

So, do not hold yourself back, tell that person that is dear to you that you love him or her, that may be the only thing they will remember about you when you are gone

Life is for living, we may endure hardships knowing that tomorrow will be better but if your life is all about endurance and waiting for the life after, then you need deliverance because if you have not lived this life that you know, how then can you live the life that you do not know?

So instead of working for 35 years to become a millionaire at 65 when most of your teeth are gone, you can no longer eat meat, nor drink beer, nor smoke pipe because your Medical Doctor has so advised, why not work for 15 years and become a millionaire at 30 so that you have 40 years to live out your life?

That decision that would change your life 360 degrees turn around, take it, say the word, don't be afraid of change, because if you do not change willingly, you would change unwillingly and by then you would be at the mercy of the change.

Say it before you run out of time
Say it before it is too late
Say what you are feeling
You may not have the time again
Now is the time, utilize it

Waiting is a mistake

Let God reign supreme

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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