Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Last Day Of September 2015

Like joke, like play, September 2015 is ending today.

Whether we like it or yes, as the hands of the clock tick towards 12 midnight today so does the life of September give way.

I am still trying to recover from the fact that 30 whole days have passed by and there are still some things I proposed to do this month which have not been done.

Mind you I am not a procrastinator, I have broken the hold of that habit in my life more than 30 years now; but it now looks to me like I placed a whole lot of projects on my table and that may account for why I have not seen them all through to the end of this month.

So I learnt a lesson this month that is on the verge of going into the bin of history, not to bite more than I can chew. It is not new really but this month of September brought the truth in that saying home to me in a way that is surprisingly fresh; and it sure would help me plan out October better.

Focus and concentration would sure take the front seat in October.

Hey my friend, so September is finally coming to an end?
Were you expecting it to end so quickly?
And like me, do you have any unfinished business which cannot be finished today?

Well, share your views and let us learn from each other

Meanwhile, remember to man-out today, even though it is the last day of September 2015, pack lots into it, and if you can still see-up any project slated for this month but which had not commenced, then just do that.

While you are at it, I am just there waiting to shake your hands

Remember courageous people rule the world

Have a great day today

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

Medical Consultant/Life Coach/Author/Mentor/Publisher/Plan B Income Promoter/Entrepreneur/Motivational Speaker/Health and Wellness Consultant/Blogger

How to Become an Early Riser

By Mark Ford

When I walked into the London offices at 7:25 a.m. that first day, I expected the place to be deserted. I was surprised to find the lights already on – and when I approached my temporary office, I saw that Ben, Nick, Gary, and Woody were already there working.

“Good morning!” I chimed, feeling that I had come upon new members of my secret fraternity. “You boys are here early!”

“Early bird catches the worm and all that,” Nick said.

I went into my office with a smile on my face. These four early risers comprised half the creative team. The fact that they were at work more than 90 minutes before 9:00 a.m. impressed me. Their good mood impressed me even more.

“I am going to be able to accomplish something here,” I thought.

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today's essay

You’ve seen the studies: Early risers are happier, healthier, and more productive at work. They stay in better shape, earn more money, and report that they are more satisfied with their lives. And even if you haven’t seen the studies, you’ve read about them in ETR.

“Get up early and seize the day!” we keep telling you.

Lots of ETR readers I’ve talked to say they can rationally accept the argument that early rising is good. But they can’t muster up the emotional or physical energy to actually do it.

They tell me they are “night” people. They have more energy at midnight, they say, than they do at 9:00 a.m. In fact, they say, they’d prefer to go to bed in the wee hours and wake up at noon if their jobs/spouses would allow it.

There is some scientific evidence to suggest they may be correct. Lots of research has been devoted to sleeping patterns in the past few years, and it’s clear that for some people (about 15 percent, I’ve read), “late to bed and late to rise” really is more natural.

But just because it’s a little harder for you to be an early riser doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. The benefits are just too great and too numerous to ignore:
  • You will get more work done.
  • You will accomplish more important tasks.
  • You will advance your career more quickly.
  • You will be more respected at work.
  • You will make more money.
  • You will have more time to exercise.
  • You will be healthier.
  • You will be happier.
If you’d like to become an early riser but are having a difficult time convincing your body to cooperate, follow this 12-step program:

Early Riser Step 1: Stop blaming yourself.
It may not be a lack of willpower that is making you want to sleep till noon. It is more likely a combination of your genes, blood sugars, hormones… and bad habits. But aside from your genes, these are all things you have some control over.

Early Riser Step 2: Take melatonin, not chemicals, at night.
To get up early, you have to get to sleep early. If you have trouble falling asleep, try taking a melatonin supplement instead of a sleeping pill. Dr. Sears calls this hormone – which is produced by the body in response to darkness – “nature’s sleep regulator.”

Early Riser Step 3: Sleep in the dark.
The less light, the more melatonin your body naturally produces. So block out as much light as possible in your bedroom. Use blackout curtains or shades, and open them as soon as the alarm goes off.

Early Riser Step 4: Get plenty of fresh air.
Fresh air is good for sleeping and for wakefulness. If you sleep with the windows closed, get outside and breathe in some fresh air first thing in the morning.

Early Riser Step 5: Don’t eat before you sleep.
Your last meal or snack should be about three hours before you go to sleep. You’ll sleep sounder and feel much better in the morning.

Early Riser Step 6: Don’t use the snooze button.
According to the Sleep Disorders Center at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, you will have a much easier time getting up when the alarm first rings, rather than waking up, falling asleep again, and then waking up a second time.

Early Riser Step 7: Put flowers in your bedroom.
Researchers at Harvard reported that “non-morning people” said they were happier and more energetic if they woke in a room with fresh flowers.

Early Riser Step 8: Brighten up your walls.
Some studies have indicated that vibrant colors help activate the energy cells, so paint your bedroom a bright, cheery color to wake up to.

Early Riser Step 9: Stretch.
Five to 15 minutes of stretching in the sunlight will do wonders to get rid of any stiffness that may have settled in overnight. Yoga stretches are especially good.

Early Riser Step 10: Exercise.
Supplement the stretching with exercise. After stretching, I alternate between calisthenics and a PACE routine – usually sprinting or stair climbing.

Early Riser Step 11: Start the day with a smile.
Before you even wash your face, do a set of 25 smile repetitions. Just stand in front of the mirror and smile as brightly as you can… 25 times. The physical act of smiling produces endorphins that will give you energy and drive.

Early Riser Step 12: Wake up just one minute earlier every day.
It wasn’t until I hit my thirties that I came to understand the value of waking up early. I was bringing home the bacon, as they say, having mastered the art of making money. But rising at 8:30 every morning left me no time to accomplish other goals. So I started setting my alarm for one minute earlier every day.

Soon I was up at 8 a.m…. then 7:30… then 6:30… and, eventually, at one point in my career, 5:30. (These days, I wake up a little later – usually 6:00or 6:30.)

Rising early has given me the time to write fiction, study Spanish, get in great physical shape, spend more time with my family, and more. Become an early riser yourself, and there’s no telling what you can accomplish.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Art Of Making Good Decisions

Stop #Stalling and do #Something Already

By:  Jeff Goins

Lately, I’ve been hearing from friends who are struggling to make the right decision. “I want to write a book but I don’t know where to start.” “I’d love to quit my job, but what would I do?” “I’ve always wanted to travel but can’t find the time.” And in a way, they’re all saying the same thing: they’re scared.
Thirty years from now, you won’t remember what cereal you chose at the grocery store. On your death bed, you won’t care which vacation cruise package you picked. You won’t recall whether you chose to see the romantic comedy or the action adventure (unless, of course, it’s another Die Hardmovie — those are great).
None of these things will have mattered. What will matter is that you acted, that you made a contribution, that you decided to do something. Or that you didn’t. And that’s the point.
The fact is, most decisions aren’t life-changers. The universe doesn’t care what you have for breakfast, but chances are you will eat something. So get on with it. Certainly, you’d be better off eating eggs than Pop Tarts (unless, of course, we’re talking brown sugar Pop Tarts — those things are divine). So it’s not that all decisions are equal. They aren’t. It’s just that most of the time, you need to decide to do something.
You can, of course, make a bad decision (like choosing to not see Die Hard, for example). But often, the decision isn’t between this or that; it’s between acting or not. And this is the very thing most of us are afraid of doing. Making a choice. We waste time writing up plans and setting goals that never get done. We worry about doing the wrong thing and obsess over inconsequential details.
And sadly, we end up squandering the most important moments of our lives.

Better than planning

I’m not anti-planning. I just know that for me and plenty of people I talk to, a lot of that stuff is stalling. Hiding. Another way to stay stuck. So what’s the solution? What’s the answer to this paralysis we sometimes feel?
Just start.
Life is a journey, not a business plan.
Quit trying to control things. I know, it sounds sort of grand, doesn’t it? But do you want to plan your life away or live it? Let go and live the story.
Where you’re going doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Just go. More often than not, you just need to move in a direction, not the direction. Stop worrying too much about which way to go and just get going. As you build momentum, you can learn to steer. This is the way life works.
A friend of mine calls this “the bicycle principle.” What he means by this is that it’s easier to make changes in life once you’re moving. Just as with riding a bike, you can steer more easily the faster you’re going. And conversely, if you’re not moving and you try to steer, you’ll probably fall down. Isn’t it interesting that failure is what happens not when we move too quickly, but too slowly? So just start pedaling and see where you end up.
Where you are is nowhere near as final as it seems.

What to do next

Your job is to take chances, not have all the answers. If this challenges the very fibers of your being — try any (or all) of the following:
  • Go for a jog or a bike ride to nowhere in particular. Just start moving in hopes of leaving the familiar. Turn down every random street or path you can find until you get lost. Don’t worry about how you’ll get back. Then, see where you end up. You’ll make it back alive — I promise — and you just might be surprised where this takes you. Remember what it felt like to wonder where you were going? Do you recall the resistance to just get moving in the first place? Make an effort to get lost more often. It’ll make you better at overcoming that initial stall you experience every time you have to make a decision, big or small.
  • Sit outside without any technology for a full hour. Let yourself get bored and see where the boredom takes you. Can you hear the birds chirping? The wind blowing? Yourself breathing? Pay attention to the cars or kids or sounds of insects in the background. Count the noises you recognize and imagine where they are coming from. Bonus points for journaling about this and sharing it on Medium. Try to do this once a week, then every other day, then every day. One of the reasons we struggle to make better decisions is because we keep getting distracted with new things. Distraction is antithetical to decisiveness. Giving yourself a break from the noise will help you tune into the choices you need to make.
  • Do something that scares you. Apply for a job. Tell someone you love them. Ask your neighbor on a date. Laugh out loud in a public place. Deliver a speech to a stranger. Climb a tree. Call someone you have a grudge against and apologize. And when you do this, pay attention to the release of fear you feel. Remember that feeling the next time you feel intimidated by a big goal or a risky situation. Remember that you didn’t die. And try to trust the process in the future.
Some of these things may seem silly, but the more you do them, the more in control you’ll feel. And the truth is we can’t plan life, but we can participate in it. The things that once seems so uncontrollable are more in your grasp than you realize. Just remember:It’s not about the destination, it’s about the direction.
If you don’t know what to do with your life — what book to write, what song to sing, what job to choose, which person to ask out — try picking something. It’s not a fail-proof solution, but it ain’t a bad place to start. Because the truth is once you start moving, you can always change direction.
Good luck.
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#FreebiesMonday Task This Monday

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This is the time to put out your best foot

Wishing all a fruitful contest this Monday.

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP
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Countdown To The End Of September

OMG!!!!! It's the 28th day of September 2015, and the month is hastening to an end.

Was it not but only yesterday that we welcomed September?
and in just two days time, the whole of the THIRTY DAYS would have ended?

Oh dear, how fast the days flew!!!!

This surely reminds me of the verse in one of my favourite hymns that goes thus

"A thousand ages in Thy Sight

Are like an evening gone
They fly forgotten as a dream
Dies at the opening day"

Of days and weeks and months?? They are all like an evening gone and are quickly forgotten just as dreams are forgotten as soon as the new day dawns.

So here we are, 28th of September, in 2 days time, September would be confined into the bin of history and all the deeds there-in done would be referred to as the past.

We give God all the Glory for His wonderful works in our lives (collectively and individually) in the month that is on its way out.

May His Holy Name be praised for ever and ever - Amen

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP
Medical Consultant/Life Coach/Mentor/Author/Publisher/Plan B Income Promoter/Health and Wellness Consultant/Entrepreneur/Blogger


Friday, September 25, 2015

Friend Of The Week Contest Result

It has been long in coming owing to the explosion in the number of participants but finally the result of the Friend of the Week Contest for the week that ended on 19.09.15, is here released.

Entries were received from the following friends with the point scores against their names

1.      Victor Obaze                                    4
2,      Victor Chinwe Ogbuabor                4
3.      Chijioke Richard                              4
4.      Callistus Chidobi Chukwu               4
5.      Mbanaso Samuel Kelechi               4
6.      Jude Chukwuemeka Muoneke      4
7.      Emmanuel Ifeanchukwu Ikeche     5
8.      Dimgba O. Robert                           5
9.      Okechukwu Nwulu                         5
10.    Muhammad H Usman                    5
11.    Prince Sam                                       5
12.    Festus Okoro                                   5
13.    Jacob Bright                                     5
14.    Kingsley Chinaza Nwaigwe             5
15.    Osondu Opiukpo                             5
16.    Joshua Kelechukwu Gentle            5
17.    Onyebuchi Ugwu                            5
18.    Constance Opara                             5
19.    Obialor Chukwudi Victor                5
20.    Ahmed Ayoko                                  5
21.    Gabriel Stephen Ikeokwu               5
22.    Onyebuchi Fidelis Chukwunyere   5
23.    Monday Ogbole Owoicho              5
24.    Chukwuma Obi                               5
25.    Peter Van                                         5
26.    Aphirhevwe Sunday                        5
27.    Mbonu Watson C                            5
28.    Gontul Murphy Joshua                   5
29.    Master M. D. Gentle                       5
30.    Amos Okeme Monday          5
31.    James Beltz Bello                             5
32.    Isaac Joshua Ekeh                           5
33.    Saint-Michael Omo Aliu                 5
34.    Calistus Amaku                                5
36.    Obinna Anyanwu                            5
36.    I-prince Martins                               5
37.    Anthony Amaechi                           5
38.    Anyanwu John Onyinyechi            5
39.    Ugbaga Orji Silas                             5
40.    Iwu John Morgan                            5
41.    Ukaegbu Henry Chinemerem        5
42.    Ogbonna John Kennedy                 5
43.    Chuks Gboy Emmanuel                  5
44.    Jeremiah Ekpo                                 5
45.    Don Godwin                                    5
46.    Victor Odukama                              5
47.    Chimezie Delightdon                      5
48.    Babatunde Benson Alimi                5
49.    Eliud Wafula                                    5
50.    Godwin Essien                                 5
51.    Chimbuchi Isaac                              5
52.    Levi Ogbu                                         5
53.    Udoh Godfrey                                  5
54.    David Iyke Obinwanne                   5
55.    Alan Kelechi                                     5
57.    Nnawhite Nnadozie                        5
58.    Okpe Kennedy Chikezie                  5
59.    Charles Uzor                                    5
60.    Emmanuel Chukwudi Ugwu          5
61.    Martins Nwankwere                       5
62.    Friday Chibuisi                                 5
63.    Adebisi Muyiwa Segun                   5
64.    Edeme Udoka Joshua                     5
65.    Okwuosa Kozy                                 5
66.    Ceejay Innovation                           5
67.    Mourinho Chuks                             5
68.    Ajayi Damilola Oluwaseun             5
69.    Chimezie Chidimma                        5
70.    Emeka Anike                                    5
71.    Romanus Nwafor                            5
72.    Nuel Kaviar                                      5
73.    Sylvester Ogbonna                          5
74.    Afiah Barnabas                                5
75.    Bulus Shehu                                     5
76.    OluGod Jude                                    5
77.    Daniel Ogbonna Daniel                  5
78.    Odinaka Promise                             5
79.    Christian Okoye                               5
80.    Ejiaku Emmanuel Chisom               5
81.    Paul Ugwo                                       5
82.    Iheagwa Philip Chimezie                5
83.    Boma Okafor                                   5
84.    Chinedu Anyanwu                           5
85.    Pat Steve                                          5
86.    Chukwuma Obinna                         5
87.    Chimezie Amandianaeze                5
88.    Obinna Christian Egbunike             5
89.    Ugoaguson Justice                          5
90.    Chijioke Ndukwe Okoro                 5
91.    Uzoma Hossana Victor                   7
92.    Chika Nwala                                    7
93.    Friday Ogbonna                              8
94.    Prince James                                    9
95     Babs Chang Babas                           9
96.    John Eboh                                        9
97.    Chukwuma Obi                               9
98.    Asogu Richard Chidubem               10
99.    Emmanuel Chibuzor                       10
100.  Ejiaku Emmanuel Chisom               10
101.  Kachi Agubata                                 10
102.  Ibekwe Christopher                         10
103.  Jude Asom                                       10
104.  Emmanuel William                         10
105.  Ariel Chuma Okparaebube             10
106.  Michael Okpara                               10
107.  Chris Marcus                                    10
108.  Hilary Tekay                                     10
109.  Opara Kelechi                                  10
110.  Okey Ezuruike                                 10
111.  Mary Ayodele                                  10
112.  Felix Aliya                                        10
113.  Ifeanyi Okafor                                  10
114.  Nweke Chidera                                10
115.  Osuji Anthony Chidi                        10
116.  Chukwuma Ezeani                           10
117.  Emmy Agoha                                   10
118.  Chidi Ndubuisi Okoli                       10
119.  Eze Kingsley Sly                               13
120.  Babatunde Benson Alimi                14
121.  Johnfrancis Efobi                             14
122.  Master M. D. Gentle                       14
123.  Gumcy Gum Harris                         15
124.  Frank Life                                         15
125.  Viktor Anongu                                 15
126.  Obasi Chibuike                                15
127.  James Beltz Bello                             15
128.  Timothy Kelvin                                15
129.  Ejike Ume                                        15
130.  Martins Ochieze                              15
131.  Scarlet Ugoh Nnanna                     15
132.  Okeke Chukwuemeka                     15
133.  Emeka Ifeanyi                                  15
134.  Promise Ebere Francis                    17
135.  Princewill Esuku                              19
136.  Prince Uchenna Ofoke          19
137.  Henry Chibuzor                               20
138.  Kingsley Chinaza Nwagwu             20
139.  Chima Bright                                    20
140.  Egbeola Paul                                    20
141.  Uchenna Osueke                             20
142.  Abraham Aigbe                               25
143.  Omoghene Benedicta                     25
144.  Prince Chukwuedo                          25
145.  Ebuka Orisa                                     25
146.  Russel Oghenetega                         26
147.  Ugoyoung Ugochukwu                   28
148.  Harrison Mackenzie                        28
149.  Jenon James                                    29
150.  Tonica Edoka                                   29
151.  Prince Chukwuedo                          30    
152.  Dr. Emmanuel Nwusulor                30
153.  Oduduabasi Francis                        30
154.  Steven Nduka                                  35
155.  Paul Effiong                                     46
156.  Akorli Paul                                        50
157.  Ifeanyi Darlington                           70
158.  Ajagbeatonaope Adebayo              85
159.  Arukwe Gabriel                               133
160.  Alex Osadebe                                   172
161.  Anazodo Francis                              650
162.  Anthony Akanbi B                           989
163.  Oyekola Damilare Abdullah           999

From the foregoing, @Oyekola Damilare Abdullah is the winner of the 2nd edition of our Friend of the week contest.

By this win, Mr. Oyekola Damilare Abdullah is entitled to the:

AWARD PACKAGE:          

1.       Would be interviewed and featured on my Personal Facebook Group

2.       Would be given the choice of first rejection to contribute articles to my blog as a Guest for 14 days (we pay up to N200 per Article that is accepted)

3.     Would receive N2000 coupon to shop on Jumia or 66.67% sponsorship into an online business where you can place yourself on a salary of N50, 000.00 monthly for 14 months

Congratulations to Mr. Oyekola Damilare Abdullah

Mr. Oyekola should in box me with proof of identity - Permanent Voters Card or International Passport whichever displays his names in full and social status.

Congratulations once again to Mr. Oyekola Damilare Abdullah

We have also decided to carve a niche for the MOST IMPROVED FRIEND with respect to these contests and for this particular one, the award goes to
@Alex Osadebe and @Arukwe Gabriel

Each of them would receive a link to an onlime money making site

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP
Lead Organizer

Medical Consultant/Life Coach/Mentor/Author/Publisher/Health and Wellness Consultant/Motivational Speaker/Plan B Income Promoter/Entrepreneur/Blogger