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Hello Dear,

Are you unemployed? Or employed but your take home pay cannot take you to the doorsteps of your home?

Are you a stay at home Mum, with kids to cater for and the monthly feeding allowance is not just enough?

Are you a Student, looking for ways to augment the pocket money you receive from your parents or guardians?

Are you retired but not tired and you are yet looking for sources of income to make ends meet?

You have heard that there is money on the internet and yet you have not been able to earn it?

Have you been searching for genuine online businesses and each time you thought you had found the right one, it turns out to be another scam?

Are you tired of listening to stories told by paid actors of their meteoric rise from grass to riches even when they were utterly broke the month before they hit the jackpot?

Are your ears now itching you whenever you hear of an opportunity that would transform your life automatically just by purchasing one app or the other?

Have you become so cynical that nothing moves you and you see every opportunity as scam?

Well you are not alone!!!
I also was there some time ago

My name is Dr. Jerry – the First Oguzie: JP

Aside from being a Medical Practitioner of 25 years standing with an MBA in International Hospitals and Health Care Management from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany, I am also a Life Coach, Mentor, Healthcare Consultant, Blogger, Plan B Income Promoter and an Online Business Consultant.

It is my considered opinion that when it comes to making money, one should not put all his eggs in one basket but just like most notable entrepreneurs including our own Dangote and others, diversification of income portfolios should be the order of the day.

I am fully persuaded that multiple streams of income is the way to wealth and riches.

I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly in online business since 2006 that I ventured into it and so I am in a vantage position now to help other persons avoid the pitfalls that I experienced during my learning stages in online business.

Do you want to learn how to make money from the internet?
Do you wish to set up an online business that would be making you money whether you are sleeping or dancing azonto in a night club or even being on vacation?
Do you wish to let your money work for you while you use the proceed to sort out issues that are of burden to your life?
Do you want to be your own Master subject only to God the All Powerful Master?

ATTEND OUR 1 DAY hands-on-keyboard TRAINING in online business for just 50 persons!!!!!

Block out this date – 6th   June 2015 to enable you attend the training 

On that day, I shall take you by hand and TEACH you the rudiments of 10 (TEN ) BUSINESSES that I am presently doing and which are bringing in money into my bank account (8 online and 2 offline)

I shall ensure that your own online businesses are set up before you go home after the training – this is Guaranteed!!!!

On that day there shall be two sessions:
10 am – 1 pm and
2 pm – 5 pm

And we expect you to attend both sessions as the businesses shall be split into two, 5 for each session

So you have to choose the date that is convenient for you and the session that you would like to attend.

But where we have more than 5 persons for any session, we reserve the right to adjust the number of attendees and inform them accordingly. So selection shall be done on first to indicate interest, first to be chosen basis.

This Training is ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. We shall not ask you to pay any farthing to participate in the training but you may have to come with some funds just in case you might be interested in getting for yourself some of the resource materials that would be available at the Training.

You will also need
A laptop with an internet modem
An internet enabled phone with megabyte
The DESIRE to make MONEY

Even though the third quarter of the year is half way gone, YET you could meet your money needs for the remaining part of the year when you commence these businesses.

So make it a point of duty to participate

To participate:
Text your
Name, State, Phone Number and Email address to

The venue for the Training shall be communicated ONLY  to those who are serious inquirers and who would want to participate.

Start texting NOW!!!!

Remember that the Training is ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE

Do I still need to remind you that “insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

Of course you know that the acronym POOR stands for Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

Surely you know that “the best time to have done a thing was 20 years ago and the next best time is NOW”

And also that the “best way to start a thing, infact anything is to just START”

Take heed that you put these things to remembrance and make use of this opportunity that is coming to you on a platter of gold!!!

Expecting to see you

Dr. Jerry – the First Oguzie: JP

Lead Trainer 


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