Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day To Us Fathers

First I was born - a boy, a son that opened his mother's womb, of the #TribeOfFirstBorns

Then I became a Teen - #TeenBoy, #Adolescent  with all the questions and roaring hormones, feeling like I own the world, thinking that my Father was of the Old School and I the wonder kid

Then I became a Young Adult -#YoungAdult, no longer a teenager and not fully a man (lol) with many unanswered questions, still grappling with roaring hormones, seeking meaning, loving adventures and scary things, going where I was asked not to go

Then I became a Mid-Adult - #YoungMan, searching out a career path, reaching out of my enclave

Then I became an Adult - #FullBloodiedAdult, training and looking towards utopia

Then I had a career and became 1st Degree Bachelor - I thought it won't be long

But the search took longer than I thought and while still searching I became a 2nd Degree Bachelor

And when I thought I had found her, God interevened and said it was not her and that left me still hanging in the space between marriageable bachelor and married man which made me get into the stage of 3rd Degree Bachelor

And then just like a meteor, God sent her to me, the woman to complete me and fill the rib that was taken out of my side and hurray I became a Married Man and left the Club of Chronic Bachelors for good

Before I could say Jack Robinson, a junior me came and made me a Father

What I learnt from my Father, I am also passing onto my Son - of belief in oneself, of hard work, of sincerity of purpose, of honesty, of integrity, of not appropriating what does not belong to him, of being the best he can be where ever he finds himself.

Fatherhood is an experience which is better tasted than described.

If you are a Father, join me as we celebrate Fathers Sunday today

And if you are yet to be a Father, make haste and join the Club, time waits for no one

Happy Celebration to all Fathers

May your lights never dim

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP
Father and of the #TribeOfFirstBorns


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