Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Letter To Humanity

My fellow Human Beings,

When was the last time
You looked at yourself in the mirror
And got a glimpse into yourself?

When was the last time
You saw through the eyes of another
And recognized yourself in them?

Do you even remember who you are?
Do you even remember what it means to be a Human Being,
Or have you lost your sense of self completely? 

We are walking in darkness,
Wanting the world to Light up our world.

But how can a dark and wicked world,
Give us anything other than itself?

You have been facing the wrong way
Wanting the world to give you what the world has not

And if Love and Light are truly what you’re after
You’ll open your eyes and start walking in the light

Look for Light,
And Light is what you’ll find.

Look for love
And one with Love,
You will Become!


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