Thursday, November 3, 2016

You Can't Win If You Don't Try

In this life time, I have met a number of persons who are specialists in complaining but come short in action.

They have all the adjectives and anecdotes to describe their failures and frustrations but never lift a finger to help themselves.

They are very willing to blame everything and anything for how their lives suck but never themselves.

They are good, infact very good at practicing the age old excuse of man - "passing the buck"

They take no responsibilities, they bear no flakes, they keep pushing away and never pulling in.

I am sure you would have met such people too or you might even be one.

Well, today I just want to tell you that there is no substitute to ACTION if you want to succeed.

It is very possible for you to be WHATEVER you want to be, but that won't happen on a platter, you must be ready to WORK on it and work is an action.

Who amongst you wanting to be a Medical Doctor would sit down in his father's house, fast and pray about it and expect to be a Medical Doctor?

Would you not rather earnestly desire to be apprenticed to a renowned Medical Doctor so that you can learn the skills from him and also become proficient yourself?

And that applies to whatever, anyone wants to be whether it is being a Lawyer or an Architect or an Engineer or a Computer Scientist or a Tanker Driver or a Bricklayer e.t.c.

Stories abound of how people have changed their destinies because they took action on what they wanted to be.

I have my story too

The only way to win at the game of life is to try!!!
The only way to succeed at whatever you set your eyes on is to work at it

You can't win, if you don't try

So try!!!
Even if you fail, try again and again and again until you succeed.
Because "failure is an orphan but success has many relations"

A song lyrics go like this

"if you try and fail
Don't ever give up
But remember
life is what you make it ......."

Nothing gladdens the heart more than being successful at one's chosen desire

When you are what you really wanted to be, even your entire environment is at peace with you just as you are with it

So, today, TRY




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