Sunday, November 6, 2016

Don't Put Life Off Until Tomorrow!

When a man is born, his life's countdown has already started and each day makes him get older and brings him closer to his grave.

This is one fact that all men have to understand and internalize it.

Whether we like it or not, life is going on,
in good weather and bad weather, it is going in,
in cold and winter, summer and autumn,
whether the sun is high up there in the air in the day time or the moon is there in the night time;
whether it is raining cats and dogs or burning flesh with heat;
Life is going on

In sickness and in health, life is going on
In riches and poverty, life is going on

Even when the taste of living is gone, life goes on

It doesn't wait for anyone; it doesn't wait for fairer weather or any of such things.

Being conscious of this fact, it makes no sense then to POSTPONE  or PUT OFF life until a latter day or date.

Life is to be lived everyday
It is to be a daily experience and no one has it on

A lot of people have the dream to be this or be that, to have this or have that before they start living their lives ...
but today I want to remind you that LIFE IS LIVED IN STAGES and missing out on any of the stages especially at the younger age makes one suffer from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and thus get stuck to childhood acts and habits.

Each life stage comes with its own fantasies, hard facts and fiction and they are better experienced in that stage than carried forward.

Moreover we are here on a mission and none of us knows when that mission would be accomplished and this means that no one knows just the exact time when it would be his turn to return to the Maker.

When I was growing up, I received the best piece of advise any Father would give to his Son from my own Father. He told me
"live the life you have to live when you have to live it"

For each stage of life, live that life - be open and receptive, laugh a lot, give a helping hand to another worse off than you are, forgive quickly, run the race until the winds leave your lungs, love someone, have fun and enjoy your life.

Don't put off life for tomorrow, because tomorrow could be a hundred years when you would be all bones and no energy left to enjoy the life or it could be just 24 hours when the bell shall toll!!!



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