Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The "Witch" Lives In You

Often I hear people complain of how they have remained stagnated for years, how nothing ever works for them  and they believe "erroneously" though that there is a witch somewhere that is making life difficult for them.

They see the witch in their dreams every night, they are always being pursued by the devil and his demons, they always imagine the worst whenever they have the opportunity to think.

They think that someone took their picture to some coven and that's where their destinies are tied down.

They listen to any and every "man of god" that comes around.

They have done so many "family deliverances" and even "personal deliverance"

And yet, nothing seems to happen simply because that "witch" lives in their heads, in their brains, in their thought processes.

Wrong beliefs, wrong thoughts, wrong actions would only be perpetuated by the "witch within"

When you are unable to think positively, the witch within is at work
When you are unable to take a step to actualize your dreams, the witch within is at work
When you know what to do but allow yourself to be paralyzed by too many analysis, the witch within is at work
When you attend deliverance sessions and then go to sleep, expecting God to do for you what you ought to do for yourself, the witch within is at work

If your life sucks now, it is not because of any witch without but it is because of the witch within.

God lives in you Yes He does but so does the witch too!!

Unfortunately, God gave you the Power of Will and the Power of Choice and so whatever you allow in your life is ENTIRELY YOUR CHOICE

Until you kick that witch that lives in you out of your life, I'm afraid it will continue to suck!!!

Take your life back today!!!

Have a great day




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