Thursday, October 13, 2016

Seize The Day!

It's a brand new day and a great opportunity to make a difference has been presented to us.

Bringing us to this day is God's gift to us and what we make out of it is our gift back to God, so knowing this, what would you rather do?

Giving Him wholesome and awesome gifts is what He really deserves and desires.

And to give God wholesome and awesome gifts, there is only one thing to do - SEIZE THE DAY

Regard the day as a Bull and take it by its horns

Face your reality and leave the pretenses aside

That decision which would turn your life around but which you have procrastinated over the months to take, TAKE IT TODAY
That reconciliation which you have refused to have all this while, HAVE IT TODAY
That grudge which you have been bearing against those that betrayed you, DROP IT TODAY
That action which you need to take to make more money, DO IT TODAY
That reachout which you have been dreaming of doing towards those you are better off than, DO IT TODAY

Do all that you need to do today, don't let any be left
Most especially, don't let the day go to waste

Seize every opportunity today to be better than you were yesterday
That is the gift worth giving back to God

And when you have done your all, leave the rest to Him that knows you much more better than you would ever know yourself

Have a splendid day

Carpe Diem



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