Friday, October 21, 2016

If Not Now, Then When?


There's something to do!
There's a decision to make that would turn your life around!
There's a skill to learn to perfect that which you have been called into!
There's a trip to take to get near the Source!
There's a gift to be given out just to smoothen the pathway!
There's a talk to have to clear out the rough edges
And there's a look to give to turn the roaring tides

But Yet

You sit there and say "you are thinking it over"
You dither, you postpone, you procrastinate, you prevaricate

You think that you have all the time in the world
And you forget that time is the most PERISHABLE COMMODITY on planet earth and that when it is gone, it is forever, it can NEVER be called back.

When shall you take that decision?
When shall you have that much needed talk?
When shall you embark on that trip that would change your horizon?
When shall you give that smile and that touch that shall broaden your boarders?
How about that gift to smoothen the pathway?

Just when???

Don't forget that whatever is needed for you to do in this life, MUST of necessity be done by you since you can never run away from your shadow.

So cut the chase, get to work, do it if you have to.

The best time to have done anything was like 20 years ago and the next best time is NOW, do it!!!

Nothing costs much more than a missed opportunity

Take time into your hands, and get the tick off your back.

A splendid day, I wish you




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