Saturday, September 10, 2016

It's Time To Give Your Life A Make Over

I know it's difficult to believe that something good and new can still happen in these times of open faced lies and outright denials of promises made; in this era of incoherent and inconsistent statements emanating from the Corridors of Power even on the same subject line.

I know that most of us are hurting - really hurting!!!

There's so much frustration in the land, persons are willing to end it all even at the slightest provocation, neighbours pick quarrels with neighbours they have never quarreled with before now; husbands are having a hell of a time bringing food to the family table and wives are having the worst of it all as the market prices fluctuate so dangerously that on daily basis, they increase by more than 100%.

Manufacturing Companies are folding up on daily basis and relocating to neighbouring African Countries with better managed economy
Jobs are being lost daily
Construction Companies have since gone on retirement
the number of Psychiatric patients is on the increase
the number of husband -wife quarrels is on the increase
the number of people being hospitalized is on the increase
the number of people living below poverty line has more than doubled in the last one year
the number of out of school children has jumped up to the high heavens
the number of malnourished children and even adults is really shouting up to God

Yes, we can go on and on about these lamentations and woes

But let me tell you something
It is when the going is tough that the really tough people get the easiest goings of their lives.

And how do they do that?

They give their lives a MAKE OVER

No matter how much we shout and bicker and complain and whine, those in the House of Power are deaf though not dumb and any such conversation with them can only be likened to the "dialogue of the deaf" without signs.

And knowing this therefore, we have a choice - either to keep shouting ourselves hoarse in the hope that a thread of letters can hit their tympanic membrane and cause a vibration to be sent to their brains to hear us (very difficult to do I must say) or we can pick up the pieces of our lives and try to make something better from and for ourselves.

It is far easier to pass the needle through the eye of the bull than to pass the head of the bull through the eye of the needle.

Give your life a make over and here's how to do it

*Take stock of who you are - what are your fine creative abilities and features
*Write these down on a jotter (as many as you can remember)
*Prioritize them - tick them out as they appear important to you
*Re-prioritize again
*Scale down to at least 3 that you are most passionate about
*Research on those 3 and what you can do with them (Google them - to find out what businesses are available in the 3 areas of your highest interest)
*Put down on paper all it takes to start off something based on your research
*Create a map of action - a Plan
*Start WORK
And don't give any excuse or reason to fail
Don't stop until you have made something new out of yourself again

Then come over and thank me

It's really time for you to give your life a make over
Just do it

And I shall be here waiting to give you a big bear hug of welcome!!

God's Speed

I am Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP
and I am here just for you



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