Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Drop That Baggage

It's the beginning of a new month and time to break with the past by dropping the baggage that is weighing you down

My friends,

Greetings of the new morning to you.

Every morning, I give thanks to the Almighty God Who makes it possible for me and members of my family to wake up filled with strength to persevere.

I also thank Him for you my friends that you and yours enjoyed this miracle of all times.

And so together we shall continue to hallow His Name for ever - Amen
It is the beginning of a new day, it is just not another day, but 
a NEW DAY because from eternity, there has been no day like the 1st of August 2016 and to eternity there would be none like it when it is gone.

What then shall we do with this day?
Carry over the old baggage that has kept us from moving forward? 
Continue with the resentments and hatred that have eaten us up and made us so jaundiced we have become a terror to ourselves?
Continue wallowing in self pity that steers us out of the path of successfully competing for the few resources of this world?
Continue turning around in endless circles that have brought no dividend?
Or doing the same thing over and over again and which has not taken us to our Eldorado?

While persistence pays out at the long run, but doing the same self thing over and over again and expecting another result is the definition the English man has given to “insanity”

Today, BREAK WITH THE PAST and look forward, the future is in front, it is not at the back and that is why God placed our eyes right in front of us. 

He is so omnipotent that he knew that the only way to make progress is to move forward and to move forward we have to “shine our eyes”

Make today your day of a NEW BEGINNING. I am already making it mine.

Leave all those baggage that weigh you down and have over the years made you run around in circles without producing any tangible results.

Today, resolve to be a NEW PERSON.

And while you make that resolution, I am here and waiting for you. Right here at the TOP.

My arms are already outstretched to give you a warm bear hug of welcome.

Join me soon

God loves you beyond all doubts and I also do

And hey,
It's Monday - the beginning of the working week

Go have fun

Have a very wonderful day

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP


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