Friday, June 24, 2016

Mindset Creates Experiences

Oh for certain, our limitations in life come from a combined experience of what we have been told and what we have allowed to fester in our minds.

And such limitations placed on our mindset have been responsible for why we are not experiencing life in its fullest even as Our Maker said we should.

One of my good friends used to sell Insurance, here's what he wrote about himself (a brief)

"For so many years of my life, I was very STINGY!"
And it reflected in how I lived my life
for example: I would wait till 6 in the morning for the train to go home because it pained me to pay $30 to take a midnight cab home at 3am.
also I would grab only the cheapest $2 double cheese burger at MacDonalds as a meal, without fries nor soft drink.

Thinking back, why was I stingy then? 

Because my abilities to make money were limited by my

Remember I was a struggling insurance agent?
All I knew then was to talk to people about insurance and
hopefully I would close a deal.

If I did not, I would talk to another person.

I kept doing it non-stop. 

Imagine meeting tens of people and I did not close any deal.

With such an expansion of effort and result, how could I not be stingy? 

My mindset had always been "money does not grow on tree" so what I was going through “made sense.”

I just lived with it.

Now, my mindset is "money grows on tree." 

Sounds unbelievable? But it truly is."

You see this my friend dropped his old mindset of "money does not grow on trees" and went ahead to replace it with a new one that says "money grows on trees" and today he is a Millionaire in Dollars.

He no longer has to pinch his pennies, he actually flies first class, eats at the most exquisite Restaurants in town and goes on vacation yearly with his Family - luxuries that he could not afford when he was a struggling Insurance Sales Person and would never have been able to afford if he continued doing that which was not bringing him any close to personal and family comfort.

You too can change your mindset to start manifesting the goodness of God in your life

You can know how, if you would only but ask

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP


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