Saturday, May 14, 2016

Take A Chance On Life

I know that a lot of people are passing through life filled with challenges.

Just when they have overcome one challenge, another shows up and all they find themselves doing is sorting out the issues of life and actually failing to live.

Life is not constructed that way.

Life is constructed in such a way that, you have only 70 years to live it out and by dint of hard work 80; anything on top of that is certainly a free gift; and if we have 70 years to be alive, then we cannot possibly have all the experiences of living this life; that is where learning by extension comes into play.

Whatever challenge you are passing through has already been appropriately overcome by someone else in the course of history and all you need to do is to find out who did and what s/he did to overcome that challenge.

It is foolhardy to want to overcome all the challenges in the world, simply because you want to have your own personal experience since they say that "experience is the best teacher" because, no one has all the time in this world to have all the experiences emanating from overcoming life's challenges.

You just have got to learn from others before you.

What is it that you are passing through right now?
Someone has crossed that Rubicon before now, search him or her out in the history books and apply exactly the solution they proffered in overcoming that challenge.

I speak from personal experience and that's why you just have to flow with this write up.

Use other person's experience to buffer up yours and then live your life to the hilt
That is all that matters

Have a good day today

Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP



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