Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine Is Here Again

Walking by MPH (where most year one students take lectures) I saw the guys and the gals; 

The way he was at it, talking some sweet nonsense , persuading , calculating and manipulating, it all reminded me of Nat Geo Wild, the way the predator stalks its prey, edging closer and closer, and bam!, it’s too late, funny thing is, these prey ain’t got no clue they’re being preyed upon.

I won’t bore you with the Saint Valentine story, history etc. How he married couples against the wish of the wicked emperor. Truth is, Valentine ,for whatever it stands for or used to stand for, is a time where many fall prey, where many bright and glorious destinies get dashed to pieces on the altar of carelessness, peer pressure, sexual immorality, drunkeness etc. 

Many young girls, many have seen this day and curse it, why? That was the day that lead to their today; oh you want to go and eat free Sharwama and hangout? Go ahead, just don’t think it’s free, of course you’ll pay, not in cash but in bed, or in kiss or in peck or whatever other means; but soon you’ll tell me that there are still nice guys out there who won’t request for something in return, wait a minute, even if he doesn’t request, you are already indebted to him, yes you are, and do you know what? One day you’ll pay. And if you think you finish flexing another man’s wife that you’ll now get brand new, think again, what a man/woman sows that he shall reap.

Many have lost their virginity, for just a plate of rice and chicken with ice cream, to some careless young/old man(as the case may be) who has not been delivered from the ministry of a he goat. Remember he that is joined with an harlot is one spirit with her, oh you don’t know you got married without a certificate, okay you’re just catching fun, keep catching fun; Don’t you know your destinies are merged together? O, you don’t know, please know now. For those of you living as husband and wife, you live together, go to school together, go to church together, you even give her money to cook the food, clap for yourselves, you are the latest couples, howbeit without a certificate and living in FORNICATION. Eheh ,Back to Valentine.

Perhaps young man/woman, your friends are now persuading and dissuading you, choosing you and choosing for you, painting pictures in your mind and telling you of their own adventures, and now you’re like, ‘wow’; some of you are even from Christian backgrounds, perhaps your father is a minister, please do remember brother Esau, when he sold his birthright he could not even repent, perhaps you are planning to go, then come and confess, you do the thing and then plead the blood, please do remember Mr. Ananias and Mrs. Sapphira ; they could not even repent, let alone confess.

Valentine is here again, MTN caller tune will say “ love is in the air” but am sensing death is in the air, Sadist?, some will soon die spiritually, some may even end up dying physically, and some may make irreversible mistakes that even repentance will not heal its scar, Just remembered now that that was one of the things God spoke concerning the year, that this year is fragile as an egg and that Christians should be guided by the Spirit in their decisions because some wrong decisions may lead to life-long regret, let him that hath and ear hear what the Spirit is saying, and let him that readeth have understanding.


Written by:     Izuchukwu Nwankpa


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