Monday, February 29, 2016

It's The Month End


By 00.00 hrs Greenwich Meridian Time, the month of February 2016 would have ended.

It has been a long month indeed even  though it was only 29 days.

It came with promises as usual and as usual too, it is leaving with some of the promises unfulfilled.

It is in this month that the Nigerian Naira suffered its greatest bashing in its 43 year history of existence, leaving most importers stranded including even those who do online importation.

The cost of living tripled in this month because of the scandalous dollar-naira exchange rate

But all that is going into the bin of history as February ends

And because we are human beings always filled with hope, we are looking forward to the new  month of March with renewed vigour and a zeal to overcome.

We thank the Lord for seeing us through the month of February and as we bid farewell to February, we can only ask her to say us well to January and to hasten the birthing of March

You have a wonderful day today

Let God reign Supreme

Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP



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