Sunday, February 28, 2016

It Is Not Over Until It Is Over

I know many of us are used to the title of this post because over years you have kept hearing it.

But I am certainly sure that not many of us really understand the import of that sentence because if we do, then the number of wasted dreams and abandoned ambitions would not be that high.

When the Bible asked us to be men (and women) of LONG SUFFERING, that is exactly what it meant; that we need to exercise extended patience in all our pursuits be they career inclined or property acquisition or even living a better life.

For all living beings, the only time that life is over is when death comes calling but for as long as anyone is still alive, s/he can still achieve that which s/he had set his or her heart on along the path of life.

Thomas Edison was one man who understood the concept of "it is not over until it is over" very well because it took him NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE times to find out the right way to invent the filament in a light bulb which gave us the electric bulbs that we use today.

If he had not persisted and persevered for those Nine hundred and ninety nine times, he would have been defeated and per adventure the discovery of the bulb would have taken a longer time.

Are you in dilemma right now over a choice you have made but which is not coming to fruition yet no matter how hard you have tried?

Well I have a message for you this day
"It is never over until it is finally over"

As long as the life breath still flows in and out of you, go give your idea your best push and you would be surprised!!

Let God reign Supreme

Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP



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