Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From Bread Hawker To Runway Model

10 lessons we can learn from Agege bread seller turned

– Olajumoke Orisaguna is a bread hawker who accidentally walks into a high-end photoshoot

– TY Bello, the award-winning musician and
photographer, was in a photo shoot with Tinie Tempah

– Then Jumoke walks into the photo shoot, hawking her
way into stardom.

You all probably have heard of the amazing and almost
incredible story of one Olajumoke Orisaguna, the Agege
bread hawker who is on her way to super stardom.

Her story resembled your typical Cinderella rags to riches fairy tale.

Here is the story.
The award-winning musician, song writer and photographer TY Bello was in a photo shoot with the
international music star Tinie Tempah on a street in Lagos
when Jumoke ‘hawked’ into the set. She was hawking her Agege bread when she was spotted.
For one who never misses an opportunity to tell a story, TY Bello weaved the bread seller-pop star narrative that has set Jumoke on the path to greatness.

Here are TEN lessons we can all learn from the bread seller turned super model narrative.

1. The race is not to the swift:
Even that timeless Christian scripture told us that ”the race
is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong”.

The rags to glory story of Olajumoke Ajaguna has confirmed the holy maxim.

We all know the struggle to grace the cover of fashion magazines by aspiring models.

We all know how wannabe models would give an arm to
strut the runway. But here was Jumoke the bread hawker
just going about her normal business and fortune finds her.

Sometimes, we just have to live everyday as it comes and
just do our thing and hope for luck to break.

2. Be focused on your game:
On that fateful day when TY Bello was shooting for Tinie
Tempah on a Lagos street, Jumoke, the bread hawker was hawking as usual.

For her, it was just another day. Come rain or sunshine, she must hawk not just for survival but as a routine.

She was focused on her game. See how it has paid off.

3. Be prepared for the opportunity and when it comes
grab it:

When Jumoke appeared for the photo shoot of her Thisday Style cover, she did not fret. She appeared ready for it. Even TY Bello said that Jumoke was a natural, it was as if she has been doing photo shoot all her life.

You see she was prepared when the opportunity found her.

4. Never be afraid to take risk:
Jumoke left her village in Ire, Osun state, south-west Nigeria to sell bread in Lagos. She travelled all the way.

She could have stayed back in the village and moan about her condition.

But she left for Lagos hoping to eke out a living hawking.

Instead doors of opportunity are opening for her in the modeling world.

5. Do not despise your little beginnings:
Do not be ashamed to do anything honest to make a living.

Hawking bread is not the most glamorous of jobs. Yet,
Jumoke hawked bread.

You may say she had no choice but
to hawk.

She could have also be lazying around the place as many young people are doing today.

6. There is always someone waiting to lift you up:
There is always a God sent.

In Jumoke’s case, it is the superstar singer and photographer, TY Bello that has come to snatch her from the jaws of poverty.

Like Christians pray, ask God to send your divine helper when you need them the most.

7. Work hard someone is always watching:
Continue to do your thing. Someone is watching, someone
is waiting. Someone needs your skill.

TY Bello was impressed at how Jumoke balanced the bread perfectly on her head. Horn your skill and be the best in what you do!

8. Follow your instinct:
Jumoke could have taken another street. She could have
missed TY Bello photo shoot with Tinie Tempah on that
fateful day.

She must have probably followed her instinct now she is on her way to success.

9. Dreams do come true:
Yes, dreams do come true. Like all human beings, Jumoke must have nursed the ambition of being successful in life.

Now she will live her dream with many doors opening at
the same time.

10. Finally, Is Lagos is a land of opportunities?:
Jumoke’s story has taught us that in Lagos anything can

Lagos is a land of opportunities, so also the place you're even if its your backyard.

If God can use a horse to speak to Ballack, use a fish to swallow Jonah, He can use anything to bless you. 

Dreams can be made and dreams can disappear like a candle in the wind.

With focus, hard work, dedication and luck, one can achieve one’s heart desires.
We wish Jumoke Orisaguna all the best.

And thank you TY Bello for making her live the Lagos dream!

Compiled by:     Ugonna Goodluck Stelo


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