Monday, February 15, 2016

Finally It's All Over

Immediately we entered the new year, the next celebration in the minds of most people was the "Valentine's Day" popularly called "Val's Day"

And as February 1 rolled in, the fever started, people started making arrangements on how to celebrate the Val's Day, Churches were not even left out, they mapped out plans on how husbands and wives shall feed themselves in the open on that day.

Friends got together to plan campings, getaways and all that go with "having fun and enjoyment"

By the 13th of February, OMG!!! the fever reached its highest pitch and the only talk in the air was Valentine!!!!

The airwaves - radio, television, eateries, hotels, were suffused with the talk of Valentine and all the invitation read - Come and Spend

Finally 14th of February came, many people missed going to Church because they were busy planning and preparing for Val's Day, and eventually all that was planned got carried out.

People went drinking, dancing and gorging; some went exploring following the lead of Nat Geo!!!! while others went volunteering to be used as guinea pigs

At the end of the day, the fever had crashed, leaving many well spent exhausted and expended.

"After the reggae, play the blues"!!!

So it is that Val's day is finally over

Now can we get back to sane living?



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