Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stop The Excuse Now!!!

I have one past time that I love doing whenever I am able to and that is "People Watching"

I am sure you know what People Watching is all about, but just in case it's a new phrase to you, then let me tell you.

It is an activity in which I stand by the road side and watch people as they walk along the road and what their actions are.

I have seen people boxing the air while they were walking (maybe bringing down their unseen enemies)

I have seen people talking to themselves with some form of emphasis (I guess talking to someone higher up the pedestal)

I have seen people singing wildly and loudly as they walked along the road

I have seen people smiling and sometimes laughing out loudly all by themselves (I guess they may have remembered some funny episodes)

And so many other things that people do consciously and unconsciously (most often) when they do the sole walk along the roads

But what I saw yesterday, made me write this post and give that piece of advise

Yesterday, while on my past time, I saw this young man, he must be between 25 - 28 years of age, with a full crop of hair, and haunting eyes encased in sockets that have long lashes protected by two heavy layers of eye brows. He could really pass for being handsome, but and that is a big BUT, he was lame, yes LAME.

In his physical deformity, he refused to be psychologically deformed.

This young man was actually hawking small items - biscuits, sweets, chewing gums, and all those small items that can make enough gain to bring food to the table.

And I could see some form of defiant pride in his eyes when I approached him to make some conversation but language barrier made it difficult because he could hardly communicate in English or Pidgin; but he was "happy" with what he was doing and always attending to his "clients" with a smile on his face.

I reasoned within me that the young man has every good reason to be a beggar, a very good excuse as it were, but he chose to be actively engaged in selling items to make his own money.

I then asked myself why it is that young persons who are physically fit, mentally alert and psychologically sound would want to be beggars because "there is no job?"

Why do they have to invent excuses, and reasons and alibis just to be extorting money from family and friends?

If they refuse to assist themselves, why then do they expect to be assisted as if the world owes them something?

And so, I write to all young people out there who are still having excuses as to why they cannot contribute to the family upkeep or at least to their own upkeep, and I urge them to take a cue from that crippled young man who refused to accept his fate but rather chose to believe that there is ability in disability and that he could assist himself by selling some things to make money.

I urge them to jettison the expectation mentality in which they have been conditioned to and to rather practice service-oriented mentality in which they should be willing to "start whatever they can, with what they have, right where they are"

Are you a young person, alert, sound and active, then stop making excuses for your lacks, fight them.

If you are through with Schooling and Youth Service and yet to get a job, don't just sit somewhere and idle away your time, get busy with yourself, acquire skills to make yourself better and then start up something (remember that it's not only money that is capital, IDEAS are capital too).

What start up idea do you have and I am not talking about music, fashion, model, Prophesying (these seem to be the fields of least resistance nowadays), I am talking about fields of human endeavour that are yet to be charted; exercise your mental prowess, write a proposal and look for sponsors, you would be surprised.

In all, it is good to always remember that "Rome was not built in a day" so be patient with yourself, once your hands are busy ploughing the field, it's just a matter of time and you shall also "rule your world"

The world is waiting to celebrate you, don't disappoint yourself.

Life was given to you to live, don't just nib at it, eat a whole big chunk of it so that you would have a story to tell

Let God reign Supreme

Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP



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