Sunday, January 10, 2016

Let It All Go

As we enter the 2nd week of January 2016, and as we review the life we have lived so far since we were born, as we take cognizance of the weights and burdens we have borne, sometimes out of no fault of ours, as we remember friends who turned out to be enemies and enemies who loved us more than our own biological siblings, as we  remember the denials, the lacks, the insufficiencies, the betrayals, the embarrassment we have suffered, we realize that these are really hindering our development and growth, because one has to be at peace with himself before he can grow spiritually, physically, psychologically, religiously, socially and financially and so we need to come to the conclusion that, we need to move forward and moving forward means "forgetting the past and pressing forward .."

It may be difficult to forget, but it is very liberating to forgive because forgiveness both of self and others is a soul cleanser.

And so my friends, I want to exhort you all by saying that
It is time to:

Let go of the ANGER of what could have been, you're burning yourself up unnecessarily
Let go of the WORRY of what might become, 99% of worries never come through
Let go of the MISTAKES you have made, but learn from them
Let go of the FUTURE you can't yet see, live in the second that you have
Let go of the EXPECTATION of OTHERS, their path is not yours
Let go of your NEED for CONTROL, it is only an illusion
Let go of your TRAINING and EDUCATION, they were simply a place to begin
Let go of the COMFORTABLE and the FAMILIAR, what you need is not found there
Let go of your COMFORT ZONE, there is no life there
Let go of the DISTRACTIONS that keep you from your path
Let go of the TOOLS and TALENTS you have not yet acquired, you already are loaded to live your life to the hilt
Let go of your SCHEDULES, LISTS and PLANS, live freely
Let go of JEALOUSY, it's only an ignorance in disguise
Let go of the COMPETITION, your path is yours alone
Let go of the CRITICS who will never understand
Let go of the FRIENDS, RELATIVES and WELL WISHERS who cast you in a straight jacket
Let go of the STRUGGLES to make ends meet, life is to be lived and not endured
Let go of the THINGS you are holding very TIGHTLY, you came into this world EMPTY HANDED
Let go of TRYING to PLEASE EVERYBODY, it is an impossibility
Let go of the BAGGAGE of GUILT that is weighing you down, drop them and spring forth and live
Let go of the COMPLAINTS, the HISSES, the SIGHS, heaven frowns at such
Let go of the LIFE you had planned to live, stop planning to live, start living
LET IT ALL GO ....................



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