Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Between You And I On Facebook

In the past 4 years that I have been on facebook, I have followed 5 persons who have been my "friends" since then.

I have kept an eagle's eye on their timeline updates
I have kept chatting with them by inbox

I have kept sending them invitations to both my online and offline empowerment workshops

And this January I am taking stock of how they have performed and this is what I could surmise from my interactions

1.     I noticed that their timelines are bereft of any personal motivational write ups (except the ones tagged on them by me and some other friends of theirs).

Most of the time, their timelines are not updated and when they do have them updated, it's about pictures and more pictures and they even go out of their way to tag their friends with such pictures with questions like "how do I look?", "caption this pic", "boyz r not smiling" and stuff like that

2.     Each time I am less busy and chat them up, it's always a "begging time"

"sir, I need a job"
"sir I am broke"
"sir, your boy is very hungry"
"sir, I am suffering"
"sir, I want to travel out to hussle but I don't have a helper"
"sir, I need your help"

and all such "pleatitudes"

And each time I get such message, I again check out the profile of the person asking for help and I see that he is a "CEO at Self Employed and Loving it" and I wonder; how can someone be a Chief Executive Officer in his own Company and still be "begging?"

For sure, I am a firm believer in being of help and assistance to others and I have gone out of my way to do that but I take with a pinch of salt any request coming from someone whose profile seems not to be real

3.     Like I wrote earlier on, I invited these persons to my online and offline empowerment workshops and they did not respond.

Most of my online programs are FREE and yet the persons who want help from me do not participate.

And even when they indicate that they would participate in the fee paying offline workshops, they never turn up.

How then can I be of help to someone who is not willing to help himself?

If helping someone means giving them money, then I am counting myself out of it completely.

I believe that the empowerment that makes sense is the one that teaches a man how to catch a fish and not the one that gives him fish to eat.

So, if you are my facebook "friend" and you feel that this write up touches you, then change your pattern.

a.      Make your profile real, stop claiming what you are not, you are only blocking your chances of "help"

b.      Use your real name as your profile name and use your nick name as your alias (facebook allows that)

c.      Seek more of opportunities to make money than asking for money

d.      become constructively and actively engaged with someone you want favours from, don't just meet someone today and tomorrow you are asking them to send you money - facebook is a liar

e.      Use your timeline intelligently and wisely, that way you can be making some cool cash off your updates

Finally, if you want to have real friends on facebook, then make yourself a real person first, it starts with YOU

Let God Reign Supreme

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP



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