Thursday, November 12, 2015

How A Young Boy With Nothing Became A Multi-Millionaire

This boy grew up in inner city Chicago.
He was as poor as poor can be and was accustomed to days when "the only thing in our refrigerator was the light that came on when you opened the door."

At 6 years old, he tried to figure out what he could sell to make money to support himself and his family
He settled on rocks
He started creating and selling hand-painted rocks. Soon he had tons of other kids working for him

Next he started making and selling homemade body lotions

Eventually, he started bigger companies, one of which was a prepaid phone card company

Within a few years, this boy was a multi-millionaire

This boy had no education. 
He came from no money

He had no connections
But he built a multi- million dollar business empire from nothing

What was the driving force behind this entrepreneur's success?

If this boy could do it from NOTHING, What's stopping  you?


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