Friday, October 16, 2015

Thus Says The Lord ..............

Hello my friends,

I sure do hope that my own God in Whom I "live and move and have my being" and without Whom I am nothing, did give you back the breath of life that He breathed into the first man which quickened his spirit and gave him life.

I am sure that if you are reading this, then you are breathing and certainly no other person or power or authority would have done that if not my One and Only God - the Only True God.

He woke me up, He cleansed me and absolved me of yesterday's transgressions and misdeeds, He gave me my life back, He strengthened my bones and muscles and gave me health. He is the Sunshine in my life and I have no room for darkness in any shade or form.

I remember in the days of yore when men were men and women were won by men who were brave and strong (in the era when money counted for less), God was at work delivering and emancipating His own - those who called on Him.

He took them as His people and they took Him as their God.
It was the era when God raised men and appointed them as Prophets or Priests or Kings.

It was the era when no one dared prophesy falsely for the consequence of that was immediate death.

It was a period when "thus said the Lord .." actually came from the heart of God and spoken by the mouth of His Prophet. And because it came from the heart of God, the end of it was always "and it came to pass ..."

It was the era when protecting those He had called, God gave the command - "touch not My Anointed and do My Prophet no harm"

It was an era when no man could call himself or allow himself to be addressed as "Man of God" if God had not called him

I remember the particularly interesting encounter between Elijah and Ahab, Jezebel and the prophets of Baal.

When Ahab's cup became full before God, He decreed that there would famine in the land of Israel and of all the men in the land He CALLED Elijah and asked him to go tell Ahab of His decision.

Elijah was TERRIFIED not because of Ahab but because of JEZEBEL, because though Ahab was King but Jezebel was his remote control and she would gladly put Elijah to death if she sighted him giving such prophesy to her husband.

But because the Lord had sent him, Elijah had no other choice but to obey and so he went to the King and he declared "thus said the Lord ..." and then he FLED from the presence of the King and went into hiding (you can imagine that)

It did not take days and it was said of his prophesy "and it came to pass..."

So for 3 YEARS there was no rain, there was even no dew, hunger became the middle name of the Israelites and scores of people perished.

The famine became so severe that Ahab the King had to send search parties to search out the Prophet and have him reverse the words.

Eventually matters were resolved, the great battle between Baal and the Supreme God took place using Elijah and the prophets of Baal as instruments and of course God won.

Today, that God of old is still the same God, He has not changed a bit but because of Jesus Christ (God's Grace to mankind), He has given mankind very long ropes with which either to hang or free ourselves.

God is still speaking and there are dedicated lips still mouthing "thus says the Lord" the end result of which is "and it came to pass"

But today I urge you to "test the Spirits" for not all that say "thus says the Lord.." are actually speaking the mind of God.

What do you think?

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Have a great day.



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