Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Some Days Are Just Like ......


You won't believe what has been happening around me since morning.

I got up to compile the #FreebiesMonday contest of yesterday and just half way through, I ran out of megabyte on the Etisalat sim that I use.

I inserted the MTN sim that I have some megabytes and lo and behold there was no service on that one, try as much as I could, it would not connect.

So I had to wait out the early hours of the morning before heading out earlier than usual to get some Etisalat recharge cards.

While waiting for the office to be opened (I was there before my Staff (you can imagine)), I called a young friend of mine who I had been on his neck since one week now to help do something that he is very good at, (for the past one week, I had called him more than 10 times, some he picked and some he did not pick, finally on Friday he told me that he was going to do the stuff on Sunday and send it across to me by Monday); Sunday when I called he said he was on the stuff and would be done with it in an hour's time, I waited for three hours before calling him back and he did not pick, when he eventually picked after like 5 calls he said he would call me back, he never did.

All through Monday, I called severally he did not pick and he did not fast forward what he told me he was almost done with the previous day, he did not call back neither did he send an sms.

So when I called this morning I was expecting to hear that the stuff was on its way to me but you would not believe what the young man told me after I pressurized him to speak to me (and he even picked the call at the 3rd call) here's what he said "I cannot combine doing what you asked me to do for you with what I am presently doing" - for a moment I thought I did not hear him clearly and so I asked him to repeat what he said and he did repeat it and I was dumb for some few seconds, infact if there was a bomb explosion near by, I would have been shell shocked.

That response completely pissed me off and I asked him why he had not told me all this while that I have been calling and disturbing him, why did he have to give me a false hope when he knew that he would not do what I asked him to do for me and he is SUPPOSED to be a Young FRIEND of mine???

Talk about friends

So when eventually I had access to recharge card, I was about to remove the sim card from the modem and because perchance I was in such a hurry that the card cut into two as I tried bringing it.

I invited my Consultant to fix it and the man used super glue to hold the sim card together.

Of course it held together nicely tightly but when I inserted it into the phone to load the recharge card, the phone said there was no sim card and try as much as we could, it just was not working out (meanwhile MTN simply refused to connect) and we tried Glo, oh dear, it was even the worst.

Finally we went to the nearby Etisalat Experience Centre and lo and behold the young man there said that the sim card was damaged beyond repairs and that I have to get a new one.

So I ended up buying another Etisalat sim card, got registered and verified and back to the office, recharged it and then it was working and that made it possible for me to complete my morning task this afternoon while commencing today's task just about now.

Some days can be so irritating and frustrating -- today was one of such days for me.

But I'm already over it and surging on for what can be done with the remainder of the day

And as for those who call themselves friends, it is not compulsory that you agree to do something when you know you cannot do it or that you would not have the time to do it.

Better to be plainly truthful than to be economical with the truth; it is a trust killer.

Deceit kills a relationship!!!!!!

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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