Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dear God

Dear God

I come to You in humility and awesome worship to thank You for making it possible for myself, my family and my friends to see the beginning of the new month of September 2015.

We were ushered into the new month, not because we are in any way more righteous than those who were not so opportuned nor are we more handsome and beautiful than them but because in Your infinite mercy, You have decreed and declared that we shall be alive in the land of the living to praise You and proclaim Your glory here.

I pray Dear God that You shall not visit us in Your wrath but that Your mercy shall continue to be ubiquitous for us to draw upon and Your grace more than sufficient for us.

I pray that whatever would keep us far away from You be removed from in and around us and that we be close to You now and even closer as the days to the end of this year draw close.

In this new month oh God, we ask that You shall continue to abide with us and to shield us from all evil and all appearances of evil

In Jesus Name I have prayed --------------



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