Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Behold September!!!!!


The arrival of a new month is like the arrival of a new baby in the house.

Right from the Hospital, it is celebration galore.

I remember when my wife had our first son, I had taken her to the Hospital and asked my Mother (of blessed memory) to keep her company while I went to report at my duty post.

I quickly drove off to the Hospital where I was working to sign in and then inform the Head of Department that my wife was in labour at another hospital.

All that took me just about an hour and by the time I came back to where my wife was, the Medical Director accosted me on the way to the ward and took me by hand to the Maternity ward and said to me Doctor behold your son. You can only imagine how pleasant that announcement was in my ears and how joyful my heart was. I thanked him and gave my wife a huge bear hug and even my mother too. I was just hugging everyone in sight including the nurses. My joy was more because it was her first pregnancy and despite all our fears as usual, she had delivered like the Hebrew women of old - no stress, no strain, no complications.

But I am not here to talk about my wife's delivery but to announce to you my friends the birth of a new month and to say "Behold September"

God has made it possible for us to enter into a new month. Not all who saw the beginning of August saw the end of it, so many persons passed on either naturally or by disasters of wars, accidents, crashes, bomb attacks, terrorism and other such acts that take lives carelessly; but in His mercy He saw us through them all and brought us into this new month.

It's only Him that could do this, never let another take the glory

I am so filled with joy and happiness and am just going around and hugging everyone in sight (I wish you were here so that I can hug you too). Hugging has a special way of communicating (I shall write on that soon - remind me) and it sure is one way for me.

So now that you are in September, what are you going to do with it?

Give an answer to that question and the God Whom I serve wholeheartedly shall bless you beyond your imagination.

Have a wholesome month

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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