Tuesday, September 1, 2015

30 Pieces Of Silver - The Cost Of A Betrayal


When He was born, the star shone brightly over Bethlehem and the 3 wise men from the East were led to give Him gifts.

Even though He also got involved in His "Father's" trade which was carpentry but at 12 He was already sitting in Court in the Synagogue and teaching the Teachers - the Pharisees and Sadducees . They all marveled at His level of knowledge of the Scriptures, His wisdom and intelligence.

At 30, He declared His Ministry, drew men to Himself as Disciples and followers, women were falling over themselves to be close to Him. He went about doing GOOD - raising people from the dead, healing so many others by Words and naturally, turning water into wine (how sweet the wine was that the Governor of the wedding party wondered why the groom had left the best wine for the last!?).

Many times, the Leaders conspired to get Him and kill Him, many times He went away from them because He already knew their intentions but when His earthly Ministry was to come to an end, He and His Heavenly Father only knew (no other person did), He started dropping hints here and there but as it was then just as it is now, men only listened but did not hear.

When the smart alec Judas Iscariot thought that he would be rich in rogue ways (not knowing that it had already been destined that someone close to Him would betray Him and which He even said that "the Son of Man shall die as had already been foretold but woe to him who shall betray Him"

Judas Iscariot it was who collected 30 pieces of silver (quite a huge sum in those days) to betray his Master and gave Him up to be crucified by the Jews. Judas had reasoned that since his Master used to perform disappearance acts, it would be difficult for the Jews to catch him and so he would pocket their money and when they came to him for refund, he would remind that he did perform his own pact of the bargain.

By now, those of you who are Bible Students know that I am talking about Jesus the Christ of the World.

But unfortunately for Judas and fortunately for US, when the Jews came seeking for Jesus and could not recognise Him because he was dressed up in the same simple ways as His disciples, Jesus asked them "Who do you seek?" and they replied and He said to them "I am He" (Glory!!!)

He owned up to being Himself even when He would simply have disappeared as Judas thought. But because the time was up, He needed to drink the cup to save the world.

The Jews proceeded to seize Him and gave Him all manners of ill treatment and eventually crucified Him, they thought they were doing Him in, not knowing that they actually RAISED Him higher above all the WORLD.

As for Judas Iscariot, not only did the Jews reject the money when he brought it back to them seeing that his mission failed, but he went ahead to commit SUICIDE and closed his chapter and that of his generations forever.

Never has anyone claimed to come from the linage of Judas Iscariot.

So Christ was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.

Betrayals have become the order of the day even in our own generation.

These days, friends stab their bosom friends at the back for filthy lucre!
Husbands betray their wives by going into other women!
Wives betray their husbands by allowing other men to have access to their bodies!
Children betray their parents by pretending to be good children at home and then being wild cats in school or away from home!
Brothers betray brothers by converting what had been given to them to keep to their own use!
Sisters betray sisters by snatching their boyfriends or even husbands from them!
Politicians betray the people by cornering the common wealth into their pockets that would never be finished by their 10th generation yet to be born!
The Bourgeoisie betray the proliterate by making life so difficult that the poor usually continues to get more powerless as each day passes on!

Which one shall we count and which shall we not count?

Have you betrayed anyone in recent times?
What was the cost of the betrayal?
Did you actually enjoy the "loot?"

It is September 1 2015, time to search your heart.

Have a very good day

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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