Saturday, August 15, 2015

We Do Not All Have The Same Talents

I have closely watched so many young persons want to and actually participate in reality shows, talent hunts, dancing competitions, auditions for acting spaces and all that and I have often wondered.

I have wondered because, I think that a lot of young persons are misled into thinking that because there is so much money to be made in these fields of endeavour, they must therefore answer to everyone's beck and call.

Much as making money is desirable, however there are many routes to it  than just one - through the arts.

Not all who go into acting are successful.
Not all who go into modeling are successful
Not all who go into music are successful
Not all who go into talent hunts, reality shows, dancing competitions, beauty pageants and all the rest of them are successful

It therefore follows that it is not in the act on its own but in the talent possessed by the individual performing the act.

There are persons naturally gifted for acting and they seamlessly play any roles given to them and make a success of their career and there are those who force themselves into acting and eventually get frustrated out of it and then they blame God for their failures.

This therefore goes to prove that we do not all have the same talents.

God surely must be in love with VARIETY and DIVERSITY and that was why He made each person and gave him or her a special gift or talent.

Don't join the multitude tilting towards acting to start acting, if it is not your calling, you would only burn yourself out.

Search for and locate your God given talent and then run with it; when you do that, you would find out that you don't have to stress and strain, you just do it effortlessly (literally speaking)

And if you are lost as to what talent/s you possess, talk to us, we shall be willing to help you unravel them.

God bless you real good



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