Sunday, August 30, 2015

God Is Able


Hello friend

Greetings of the new day.

It's Sunday the beginning of the Christian week and a day to go worship God in His Holy Tabernacle.

Often times we wonder if really God is able to deliver us from our numerous travails and trials?

Often times our faith fails us and we ask that question "God where are You?" in anguish and confusion!

A Sunday offers us a hope for answered prayers, provides us with the answer to our numerous unanswered questions.

A Sunday brings us closer to God and we can actually feel His Awesome Presence in and around us if we but go to Church for Him!!!!

When we are with God, when we search His Words as scripted in the Scriptures, when we earnestly seek Him with a hunger and a thirst that can not be satiated or quenched by natural food and water, then we shall find Him.

And when we do find Him, we would come to the full realization that He is really able.

My God is able, and I know it; because if for nothing else, who would have brought me back to life today? Who would have given me another brand new opportunity to try out again today?

Nothing in this world has that power, nobody no matter how powerful can control the matters of sleep and wakefulness - only GOD.

So today, if you are challenged physically, socially, spiritually and psychologically - you know what? Take it/them to God in His Temple.

I tell you, He would definitely take care and you shall have a reason to smile again.

Remember that the Church is for SINNERS who seek salvation and not for the SELF RIGHTEOUS who condemn others in righteous indignation.

Happy Sunday my friends

God bless you real good today

Much love

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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