Monday, August 17, 2015

As August Begins It's Initial Descent

Hello good people,

It's another bright and brand new day. The beginning of a new week, it is Monday the 17th day of August 2015.

For Calender watchers like me, the month of August is on its way out, it has surely gone past the half of it; in the next two weeks, we shall be bidding fare thee well to August and be welcoming September.

Those of you used to air travelling will remember that when the Pilot has done close to 70% of the flying and the destination is close to sight, the air hostess would be directed to announce that the flight has commenced its initial descent into the place of destination and thus passengers would be asked to return back to their seats, adjust their seating position to the upright position and to fasten their seat belts.

These instructions are given so that no passenger would suffer any damage should the plane suddenly lose altitude.

In the same parlance, we are asking all our friends and followers to fasten their seat belts as #August begins its #initial #descent into #September.

By the time August ends on the 31st, the second month of the 3rd quarter of the year 2015 would have ended and the last month of the 3rd #quarter would start.

Two weeks in the life of any month is still a very good space to navigate, anything can happen.

So are there plans/programs you had penciled down for this month that are still on the drawing board?, it is not yet late to roll them out, it is better late as a matter of fact than never.

Did you plan to start an online business but still limited by fears of scam and fake sites? you could take your doubts with you and start all the same, we would never discover the genuine businesses until we have tried out the fake and scam ones.

Even though all eggs may be rotten, but there must be some good ones still amongst them, the job lies in identifying the good ones and that is what one does with faith and prayers.

Today, I am taking on an investment program I have delayed for like 6 months now because of my experience of last year, I have called and gotten assurances that it is safe and genuine and I am willing to try it out.

Again today, I am commencing a business I went for the training almost 3 months ago and for which I have hedged and guffawed and found all alibis not to start, but it keeps tugging at my chest, so I am finally going to start it.

And this is not minding that August is on its way out.

How about you?
which one do you want to try out or start?

And if you don't have any, why not talk to me and I would take you by hand and lead you on.

As usual I wish you all of God's blessings for this day and beyond

God loves you and so do I

Have a very successful day

Dr. Jerry - the First


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