Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Whose Report Will You Believe?

My People,

Greetings of the new day

It is good to have you here again this day.
It is not easy going to bed and waking up
Our God is really great.

It’s Tuesday
A new day whose potentialities are unlimited but limited only by our thoughts and our outlook on life.

Have you been in a situation where everyone you met told you “this is the way to go and not that way”
What did you really consider about that piece of advise?
Did you think of who was giving the advise, did his or her life reflect the way s/he was pointing you to?
Was the advise in conflict with your inner leading or outer leaning?
Whose report would you really believe?

Well, whatever your responses would be to the above questions, I have lived long enough to know that in this life, the only Person to Whom you owe responsibility of living is YOUR CREATOR – GOD.

Some persons give pieces of advise to satisfy their inner cravings for assisting or helping out; some others give to show off, and yet some others give just to keep themselves busy.

When I was 18, I told myself that this life is mine to live and I am going to live it my own way, guided only by my Creator. Sure I had issues, I had quarrels, I had threats, insinuations and innuendos, but I made up my mind and happy now that I took that decision then.

I have had the taste of life – the good, the bad and the very ugly – but I live my life; nobody has lived his life through me and I surely am not any man’s alter ego or re-incarnation.

Do you feel me this morning? Are you really living your life or you are living in the shadows or under the wings of some persons? Do you feel claustrophobic and you want to be free? By all means do just that. This life is yours to live, LIVE IT THE BEST WAY YOU CAN. But remember, there is an account to be given when it is all over, believe it or not, it shall surely come to pass. So ALLOW GOD to lead you.

Your life is God’s gift to you and the way you live it is your own gift to God
Bring Him wholesome gifts

Have a wonderful day


Bless and be Blessed



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