Friday, July 3, 2015

It's My Birth Day Today

Hello friends,

Just want to let you know that today is Friday the 3rd day of July 2015 and exactly on this same day and date so many years ago, Ezinne Lois Adaezi Oguzie (nee Uzowuru) entered the Labour Room at Obioma Maternity Owerri where with the help of Matron Elfreda Aguta (nee Ukonu)  she gave birth to her first Child and Son whom she called Ikechukwu.

My Father was so pleased with the arrival of the new baby that he decided to call him Henry because according to him he was smitten by the achievements of Henry the Navigator and wished that his first son would be such an achiever too.

He also called him Obinna because according to him he had earnestly desired and prayed for a male child as his first issue and God answered his prayers.

My Parents took special care of me and even with the arrival of the other children after me, they still believed that I was special and held nothing back.

I also earnestly believe that though they have gone to join the Saints Triumphant waiting for the resurrection morning but the little time I had with them, I tried to live up to their billings.

I am eternally grateful to them for the special care and love they bestowed on me, without them, I just wonder where I would have been but more of my gratitude goes to God the Father of light and from Whom all good and perfect gifts come for His Guidance and Protection all these long years.
With my birth day falling on the same day and date that I was born, I have completed a full cycle.

The next cycle is about to kick off from the 4th of July 2015

Though we are retired but certainly not tired, we may be bogged down with cares of life but we are not dead yet, we may be on the floor and clawing but we still have warm blood flowing in our veins and as the Scriptures make me to understand, I try to be "anxious for nothing" because I know that He Who owns me, owns my future too and  no matter how bleak it is today, it shall come to pass and that, sooner than we may ever care to know.

To all you who have allowed me to share your moments here online and in real life, I salute you and thank you for the priviledge.

To those who have reached out and touched me in one special way or the other, this is my appreciative note.

To my ever loving, devoted and doting wife (what more can a man ask for in a wifey??) I doff my cap. In my next world, I would still be married to you.

And the young man who is touching the skies with his height and whom I now have to look up to speak to, to Jerry - the Second my first son, thank you for being part of my life.

Another journey has commenced, I ask but one thing, that God accompanies me more.

Have a blessed day y'all and do have a bottle on my behalf where-ever you may be

Cheers to a new beginning

Amb. Sir, Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP


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