Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Do Something For Yourself Today

You can not get back a minute of your life.

Become aware of the ways in which you gladly take on and accept the problems and challenges in others' lives, instead of dealing with your own life or your future.

Your life does not exist to trade your time to pay for what others want. You do not exist to rescue others from how they have decided to live their lives.

How are others using your time, talents, skills, experiences and knowledge for their bottom line, or to make their lives easier?

If you were not around, others would figure it out!

Live in your own life and stop rescuing others from the paths they have chosen for themselves.

Ask yourself...is their commitment to act boldly and change their life as strong as their willingness to expect you to help or pay for them?

Master the art of saying "yes" to you and your life.

You Deserve Better!


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