Saturday, June 13, 2015

Who Remembers These - Primary And Secondary School Memories

*Those times when a teacher is flogging half of d class n u continue changing position to b d last.

*Those times when after being flogged for coming late u continue bouncing your sagging bag to lessen the pain (nna if u touch am, na mess up).

*Those times u continue to trace ppls lip when reciting a poem or multiplication table.

*Those times u join others to raise up ur hand as if u knew the answer to d question.

*Those times u become friends with class prefect n assistant to make sure ur name is not in the compiled list of noise makers.

*Those times u start crying before the teacher starts to flog you so that she will forgive you.

*Those times u go to assembly with ur own designed assembly manual(Back: MORNING GLORY, Inside: The incorruptible judge).

*Those times u wear diff colour of stockings (one is for the school d second is for another school).


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