Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Tuesday Like No Other

Hello Friend

You have heard it said that all days are the same and that nothing changes, but I tell you that you heard it all wrong.

There are days and there are Days.

The only way days remain the same is if we are not making progress, if we are not actively engaged in building and fulfilling our dreams

For a dreamer and action taker, no one day is the same as the one that has passed or the one yet to come.

It's Tuesday, a brand new day with an old name; we cannot help the name  but we certainly can help the events that would transform this Tuesday into a Tuesday like no other.

I am fully persuaded that if we apply ourselves to this Tuesday, to observe and do all that we need to do to make it better than the past Tuesday, it surely shall turn out well; but if we hang our boots and fold our arms and expect the day to better itself, that WILL NEVER HAPPEN

Your Tuesday would surely be like you have made it

I intend to make mine a better Tuesday, how about you?

Go ye out there and ACHIEVE!!!



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