Monday, January 19, 2015

Step Up Today – Take Your Chances

1 - The Only Path to Success is through Action

What can you achieve if you don't act?

It's a simple question but I want you to ask it every time you find yourself stepping back and delaying action. When you could be doing something, why are you not?

Why are you asking questions, shying away from opportunities, and hiding from chances to be more active? Why are you afraid?

The answer may surprise you.

2 - Overcoming the Fear that Drives Inaction

To find success, you must act. Successful men and women don't need to think about why they are inactive. They never are.

But most people struggle - with the fear that they will lose what they already have.

You can't lose what you never have, though, and by remaining inactive, you're avoiding the opportunity to achieve something more than you've before dreamed possible.

Will you look back and regret your inaction for years to come. Will you start an empire from a drawing table like Walt Disney or work in the same job for 40 years and wonder what could have been?

How many people have wished they could remake that decision?

3 - What is the Worst That Could Happen?

Ask yourself this question and you will almost never dislike the answer. The worst that can happen - from embarrassment to rejection - these are short term things. They are learning experiences. They are chances for you to learn and get better.

The best salesman who ever lived probably heard no hundreds of times before he heard yes. But he never quit.

People have been calling entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Elon Musk crazy for years, and yet today they are billionaires who are changing society for the better. Because they never worried about what could go wrong - only what could go right

Sunday, January 11, 2015

It Is Sunday

It Is Sunday

The assurance we have as Christians is that we have forgiveness of sins when we repent and come back to the Lord.

A Sunday is a good day to come back to the Lord as we go to His House - His Holy Tabernacle to worship and praise Him Who alone deserves all our praises and thanksgiving.

Claim that assurance today,
Go to Church

Ask for the Holy Spirit of God to guide you today and always
because as far as life and living are concerned
"Thee is no substitute for the Holy Spirit"

Have a Spirit filled and Spirit led day today


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two Factors That Prevent You From Changing Your Life

Many a young man (and old men and women too) have found themselves not moving ahead in life. 

They find themselves in a rut. 

They want to change their lives but they cannot. 

They have been leading a stereotyped lifestyle for a long time. 

Sometimes they come to believe that their life remains same -boring and unproductive.

The one thing constant, that wise people will tell you, about Nature is that it changes. 
This is one fact of life that many people tend to ignore or prefer to forget. 

Change is the only constant process happening around us. 
It is this constancy in Nature that makes life so interesting.

When we are hoping for change in our lives then we have two choices. 
One of the choices we have is like a friend of mine, who buys lottery tickets. 
For last many years he has been buying them two times a week. 
He is hoping that one fine day he will be a millionaire.

This is one way to HOPE that there will be a change in our life. We simply WAIT for good things to happen.

If this man would have dared to change himself, his life would have changed to the extent that it would have been a miracle for others. 

If he would have changed himself, he could have invested the money that he spent on lottery to start his own business. It could have made him wealthy. 

But going into a business from scratch needs risk taking ability, creativity, confidence and faith in oneself. 

The first factor or weakness that is an impediment in our progress is our EGO. 
I know everything. I need not learn anything. These sentences denote rigidity in thinking. A person with this thinking is not going to change much in life. So his life is also not going to change with this attitude. 

A wise man once said that the way to success is to learn what other successful people are doing that you are not doing. We can learn a lot from others around us. This attitude develops with humility. 

Ego is a stumbling block to growth. 

The second factor that prevents us from making progress in life is our FEAR OF CHANGE. 
Change is one factor that is constant in Nature. Yet we humans are afraid of it. 

Even when we are going through miserable times, we do not accept change easily. 
If we are willing to change our lives, we are more accepting of it. 

In any case, even if change is not accepted, it is forced upon us by Nature.

It is more comfortable to accept change willingly than be forced to accept it.  

Examine yourself today and note if these two factors mentioned in this write up are affecting and afflicting your life and make a conscious decision to CHANGE.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thank God It's Saturday

My Friends,

I thank God for you that He made it possible for you and I to see this brand new day – Saturday the 3rd day of January 2015. may all honour, glory, adoration and thanksgiving be His for ever and ever Amen

It’s Saturday, the first Saturday in the New Year
Thank God it’s Saturday

What special thing are you going to do to mark today?

Are you going to take a look at your wardrobe and move out those clothes you no longer use or which are out of fashion?

Are you going to look at your store house and move out those tubers of yams you are no longer interested in eating before they rot away?

Would you take a look at your bank account and move some money to National and International Causes through Organizations and Agencies that support such?

Would you kneel today and pray for the world that is hurting seriously?

What would you do about Nigeria?
It’s our election year, would you say just one positive thing about Nigeria today??

How about YOU????
Are you still in your comfort zone and expecting to win the battle?
Remember that no one ever won a battle who did not appear at the battle field.

Are you having any challenges?
2015 is your year, you MUST overcome those challenges BUT, it starts with changing your mindset.

Today is a day to take a breather from work

Do have a glorious day

Welcome To 2015

You asked for it, you fasted for it, you prayed fervently for it, you waited patiently for it and now here it is


What are you going to do with it?

On New Year’s day, most of us who are “Churchians” went to Church to thank God for bringing us into the new year (that may be the only day we shall be seen in church again this year until the 1st day of January 2016).


After the service, what next?

Are you prepared to toe a different line this year to meet up with your expectations or are you still continuing in the old path that led you to no where in 2014?

Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone to discomfiture yourself for a season in order to reap the bountiful harvests of plenty for all seasons?

Are you prepared to make the changes needed for new things to happen or are you continuing in the old pathway of doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result?

By now you would have known that no matter how much we PRAY, no matter how much we FAST, no matter how many adoration nights we ATTEND, or how many crusades we PARTICIPATE in, no matter how many prophetic declarations that are MADE on our heads, or even how many spiritual baths and cleansing that we DO, if WE DO NOT ACT OUT OUR FAITH, these would come to nothing.

It must be stated clearly that GOD DOES NOT DEAL WITH LAZY PEOPLE, that is why He admonished us that "Whatever our hands find to do, we should do it with ALL OUR MIGHT"

If God gives you a Commission, He sure would give you the TOOLS to implement that commission but HE WOULD NEVER PUT THOSE TOOLS IN YOUR HANDS, if you do not pick up the tools and work the commission, YOU WOULD NEVER FULFILL GOD'S COMMISSION TO YOU.

In 2015, I pray that you become a more ACTIONABLE person than you have ever been all your life. When you do that, you would see that the table MUST SURELY TURN.

I wish you a more fulfilling and financially rewarding 2015.

I am here for you

Friday, January 2, 2015

How To Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

by Dr. Jerry – the First Oguzie 

Over the past year, I took judicial notice of areas of my life that I actually did not treat well and I am determined to make them better in this year 2015.

I have taken sometime to ruminate over these ideas and have mapped out my plans for 2015 activities.  I want to share them with you.

Here I am not referring to those great big projects…these are little activities than can make a huge difference to your life and enjoyment. 

Each year I want to improve on the last.

So I’m gonna make 2015 my best ever…what about you?

Here are some thoughts on how to make 2015 Your Best Year Ever…

1. GO ON A DATE WITH YOUR OTHER HALF. If you are the type that does not believe in going out on dates with your significant other, it’s time to bring it on board. Spend some time with your wife, go out on dates, it doesn't have to be expensive, a simple barbecue with an ice cream cup in a cozy garden would do. Do this at least once a week and you would be sure that your love life would blossom again

2. GET IN SHAPE. I’m not saying join a gym or start jogging. Just do a little more exercise. Maybe walk to the local shops instead of getting the car. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Along with more exercise, eat healthier. Eat only one biscuit instead of three. Eat cakes only at the weekends. Try some simple small steps.

3. MAKE CONTACT WITH AN OLD FRIEND. How many ‘friends’ have you lost touch with? Too many. I know I have. Take 30 minutes out of just one of your days each month and contact an old friend – maybe by email or Facebook.

4. CHANGE YOUR JOURNEY TO WORK. You’ll be off autopilot which means you’ll get new ideas. Taking a different route makes your brain work differently.

5. YOUR FIRST WEEK BACK AT WORK AFTER THE CHRISTMAS BREAK, get to work 30 minutes earlier and leave 30 minutes later. Use this extra hour to knock one big thing off your to-do list. Knocking things of your to-do list will reduce your stress levels, help you sleep and at the end of the week while going home, start planning how you’ll spend the pay rise you get!

6. ONLY LIST THE THINGS YOU ARE REALLY GOING TO DO AND LET GO OF THE THINGS YOU KEEP SAYING YOU ARE GOING TO DO. How many years have you said you are going to do something and never have? Write a book, learn a new language, start drama classes or learn to draw. If over the last few years you keep saying these things and you never start, you never will or will this be the year? If not, let them go and only list things your will do.

7. PLAN YOUR HOLIDAYS. What holidays will you be enjoying in 2014 and 2015. Think about them now, plan them, and book them. Have something to look forward to.

8. CHANGE THE TV CHANNEL. Start watching some of the History or Discovery channels or dare I say it…watch less TV than you did in 2013 and complete some of the other activities listed here.

9. NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST AGAIN. It is the most important meal of the day, spice it up with more protein and veggies than carbs

10. UPDATE YOUR RESUME. Even if you are not looking for a job. You never know when you are going to need it. Plus by updating it as you go, you remember all your achievements.

11. RE-ARRANGE YOUR FURNITURE. Great therapy and gives a new perspective in the room you live.

12. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS OR SHUT-UP ABOUT IT. Will 2015 be your year of starting your own business or will you just talk about it (like you have for the past 5 years). It’s your choice but please don’t just talk about it, GO DO IT.

13. Change your aftershave or perfume. Still wearing that same old smell? Get a new one, surprise the other half!

14. CLEAR YOUR DESK OF RUBBISH. Either file all the paperwork or ‘bin it’. Get a simple ‘in’, ‘out’, ‘reading’ tray. They do work. Tell everyone about your new ‘clear desk’ process. Having a clear desk can save you hours and be so invigorating.

15. GET YOUR KIDS INTO EXERCISE. I’m not talking about going down the gym or start jogging. But go swimming with them. Have a family bike-ride. Encourage them to join a local sports activity club. Take them and stay and watch them – don’t just take them, dump them and use it as a crèche while you go shopping.

16. MAKE DINNER FOR YOUR PARTNER. Leave the office early, get all the ingredients and cook!

17. RE-READ A BOOK YOU READ 10 YEARS AGO. You just never know what you might find. Also try and read at least one new book every quarter and if you have not read “Practical Steps to Total Financial Freedom” by Dr. Jerry – the First Oguzie, you need to obtain it and read it, you would just love it

18. DO SOME VOLUNTARY WORK. You’ll be helping others and it is one of the best ways to find new contacts. In 2015 volunteer for Dr. Jerry Oguzie Foundation and Trust - JOFAT

19. ORGANIZE A ‘MANS’ OR ‘GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT WITH 6 OF YOUR BEST FRIENDS. Have a good old gossip. You’ll love it.

20. INTRODUCE A NEW WORK HABIT. Talk to your customers everyday. Managers, employees who talk to customers have the advantage over those that don’t. Find out what their issues and needs are. Then, even better, be a customer. Experience what it is like to buy your business’s product – you may be surprised.

21. TALK TO SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW. I do this all the time! Making conversation with someone next to you in a queue will make you feel good.

22. DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS on weekly basis, that child that has no mother or father, that elderly person that wants to cross the busy road, that blind person that needs a helping hand to locate his or her way. Do something for someone who will never be able to pay you back

23.  WHISPER A PRAYER FOR SOMEONE, intercessory prayers help us to take the focus from our selves to others, in praying for others we also have our own prayers heard because He Whom we pray to listens more to the heart than what the mouth says and if there’s a synchrony of the two, then it’s a done deal

24.  ALONE WITH GOD, once in every while, relocate to a remote place, where you can share with God all alone. It pays to renew your vows during such times. Such experiences are quite illuminating and inspiring, you come out refreshed to continue the race.

25.  PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK. List all your achievements (can be used to update your resume as well). This will help inform you what areas you excel in and allow you to feel great about knowing what your strengths are.

So there we are. A number of simple activities you can easily use to make your 2015 even better than 2014. 

Which ones will you use? 

What can you add?