How To Not Ask Or Answer Questions About Career Goals

The worst question about career goals is something like, “What’s your major career goal for the next five years?”

Here's why. I just Googled this question and found over 64 million answers. And from my viewpoint my advice to job seekers is not to answer the question.

There are just too many variables and situations to consider that no matter what you say, you’ll probably say it wrong. Worse, your answer doesn’t matter. It’s contrived and so is the question.

In this post I’ll tell you how to not answer the question and, if you’re the one asking it, what you should ask instead.

First off, while having a reasonable long-term career plan is worthwhile, telling someone about it isn’t. At least not without some context.

For example, if someone tells me he or she wants to be a functional VP within five years, it may make perfect sense if the person’s already a director.

But if someone’s a manager and makes the same statement, I’m going to conclude the person is naïve or too arrogant.

This would be the case even if the person was competent and capable of achieving the goal.

Alternatively, if someone who’s been a director for 10 years wants to become a VP in the next five years, I’m going to use the interview to figure out why the person hasn’t already become a VP. So in both cases the interviewer will head off in the wrong direction.

Given the wide range of potential wrong answers, my advice to job seekers is to always avoid answering the question outright.

Worse, being clever enough to figure out the right answer doesn’t mean you’re competent to do the work or that the job will allow you to achieve your career goals.

On top of that, answering the question correctly doesn’t mean you’re goal-oriented.

To address this important issue, here’s what I suggest you do no matter which side of the interview desk you’re on.

First, before I ask someone about their long-term career goal, I want to find out if the person is goal-oriented.

In this case, I just ask the best goals-oriented question of all time.

It goes something like this:
“What’s the biggest career goal you’ve ever achieved?”

If the answer makes sense I ask, “What’s the most recent career goal you have achieved?”

These simple questions are set-up questions to this more realistic question about goals: “What’s your current major career goal?”

The idea behind all of this is to first find out if the person has ever achieved any reasonable career goal.

If so, it’s important to find out how significant the goal was and if the person has made a habit of achieving significant career goals.

If the person has never achieved a significant career goal, why even ask the person about some future hypothetical goal?

Given this perspective, it’s important to validate the candidate’s already achieved goals and their significance.

This requires some follow-up fact-finding to gather the following information:

The relative significance of the goal and how challenging it was to achieve.

How and why the goal was developed and the process the person went about achieving it.

To determine if the goals already achieved map to some grander purpose.

The trajectory of the person’s career goals including some insight to the rate of change of growth and personal development.

To figure out how committed the person was in achieving these past goals.

Given all of this, the question about the person’s current career goal can be logically assessed.

The key to this is to first answer the question, “Does the person’s current goal seem realistic given the person’s past pattern of goal setting and achievement?”

If yes, then the next question needs to relate to the job opening and the opportunity it represents.

This requires an answer to the question, “Does our opportunity provide the person a platform to realistically meet his or her current career goal?”

If yes, continue the interviewing process. If no, but the person is a top prospect, modify the job to meet his or her aspirations.

For the job seeker, here’s my advice on how to answer the “tell me about your career goals” question.

Start off by stating that you’ve always had career goals.

Then describe the most recent few you’ve achieved.

Then describe your current goal and what you’re doing to achieve it.

Then wrap it saying this is one of the key factors you’ll use to evaluate your next job opportunity.

Then ask, “Do you think the opportunity you have open would meet this criteria and if so, why?” The interviewer’s answer will give you a great clue if you’ll be a finalist for the job or if you even want the job.

And that’s how you ask and answer questions about career goals.


5 Little-Known Secrets About Job Searching

You might think you're an experienced job seeker who understands how hiring processes work.

But behind the scenes, hiring often works differently than job seekers assume it does.

Here are five hiring secrets you probably don't know that can give you an advantage over your competition.

1.   Application deadlines often don't mean anything.
Job seekers often take application deadlines as gospel, but they're frequently interpreting them incorrectly.

Many job posting sites require employers to list a deadline when submitting a job opening.

That means employers are forced to pick a date even if it doesn't reflect how they're actually managing the search.

So candidates might see a deadline listed and figure they have until then to submit an application, when in reality, the employer might beinterviewing candidates on a rolling basis and make a hire before that deadline has rolled around.

Or perhaps the employer hasn't yet made a hire, but it might be far along in the process with other candidates and using much stricter criteria to add anyone else to the mix.

2.   You can fudge your answers to some of those automated application requirements. 

The people who set up online application systems sometimes don't think about the requirements they program into them, and how they'll kick out people whose applications they might actually like to see.

For example, you might encounter an application system that asks if you have a bachelor's degree in economics and gives you the option to answer "yes" or "no."

Let's say you don't have a bachelor's in economics, but you do have a master's in economics.

If you answer the system's question honestly, you might be automatically rejected, even though your master's should get you through this screening requirement. (And if you were being screened by a human, it almost certainly would.)

Rather than answering every question literally, thereby getting yourself automatically rejected, it's often smarter to answer the questions in the spirit in which they seem intended.

It's OK to answer in the way you think best gets your qualifications across.

Then just make sure that you include clear, concise explanations of anything necessary in the notes section and make sure that your résumé is accurate.

3.   Employers call references who aren't on your official reference list. 

Employers know the names on your reference list were likely selected because they're the people most likely to say glowing things about you.

Because of that, smart employers won't stick to the list you provide; they'll ask to be put in touch with additional managers from your past or just contact them on their own.

And employers don't need your permission to call people who aren't on your reference list, so you might not know they're doing this.

And speaking of references ...

4.   Policies about not providing references are frequently broken. 

Some employers have policies of not giving references beyond confirming your dates of employment and your title.

That might lead you to think you don't need to worry about that manager who hated you giving you a bad reference, or to worry that the boss who loved you won't be able to tell anyone that.

In reality, however, these corporate policies are broken all the time.

Human resources offices are generally sticklers about adhering to the rules themselves, but individual managers are often willing to give detailed references no matter what their company policy is.

That's especially true when a manager thinks you're a great worker and wants to help you get your next job.

5.   No one will be outraged if you apply for a job you're not perfectly qualified for. 

Conscientious job seekers often worry about whether they have precisely the right qualifications to apply for a particular opening, but they might be worrying about this too much.

If you have most, but not all, of the qualifications an employer is looking for, it's often worth applying anyway.

Many times, job qualifications are more like wish lists, and the employer will end up hiring someone who doesn't perfectly match the job posting.

If you're worried you're wasting the employers' time or that they'll roll their eyes at your application, know that loads of unqualified people apply for most openings.

There are almost certainly people in the candidate pool for the job you're considering who are less qualified than you are!

Besides, the worst that can happen is that they'll reject you.

But you might end up with an interview.


Buyer Beware

While the decision to buy land may be easy, the process is certainly not. Here are five tips for buyers interested in purchasing land:

1)     Walk the property line:
Request a plot plan of the property and walk the entire border line. Make sure your agent and the seller are clear with you about where the property begins and ends and where the site setbacks are. Many first-time land buyers are not familiar with judging acreage and may not always immediately know what land is included in the listing. Alleviate any confusion from the beginning by having the seller or agent walk the property line with you.

2)   Research the neighborhood:
Get to know the surrounding neighborhood. What does the property line border? Another lot, a farm, a subdivision? What is the nearby land being used for? If you’re planning to build a home on the property, be sure to check the surrounding properties for potential noise or construction. If you plan to purchase farm or horse land, you’ll want to be sure you don’t have any ground contamination or runoff issues from surrounding properties that could impact your future crop or livestock.

3)   Check for utilities:
The property has any utilities set up? Was there any soil or percolation testing done for sewer or any cost estimates for installation of utilities? Is the property zoned for horses, and do you need any permits? In most instances, your real estate agent will be familiar with these issues and will ask the seller on your behalf. However, the buyer should be aware of them and any possible costs that may arise after the sale so he or she can work them into the offer price.

4)   Ask about taxes, HOAs and assessments:
You know how much the property taxes are? Are there any existing assessments on the land? Does the lot or land reside in a common interest community with a homeowners association? All of these factors should be considered when buying property and should determine your price when making an offer.

5)   Get the right help:
Use an experienced real estate agent and lender. Land sales are different than home sales, and agents who primarily sell land are more difficult to come by. An experienced agent will know the right questions to ask and can help narrow your search significantly. You may also find that your loan options are more limited than if you were buying an existing home. If you’re planning to build, you may want to consider a lender who specializes in construction loans and can finance the entire project. Be advised, though, that many lenders shy away from offering full financing for undeveloped land or unfinished construction. In these cases, because there is no collateral and greater risk to the lender, you may find you need a larger down payment or have to settle for a higher interest rate on your loan.

With the right amount of research, preparation and support, buyers should have no difficulty finding the property of their dreams at a reasonable price.



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