Friday, September 30, 2016

As September Ends

Finally the 9th month of the year popularly called and addressed as September is on its way out because by 12 midnight today, it would be consigned into the bin of history and there can be no undoing of the things already done in it except in the remembrance of them.

It's a bit surprising (but is it really?) that this year 2016 is already entering the last quarter meaning that in about 90 days from today or thereabout we shall be bidding good bye to 2016!

And yet, it looks like it was just yesterday that we heralded its arrival with expectant hopes and lofty aspirations.

So, how did you treat September? or put the other way, how did September treat you?

Just pick your pen and paper and write them down, then ruminate over them so that you can position yourself well in handling the incoming new month

But no matter what happened or what did not happen, God allowed you into September and He has allowed you to see the end of it, and I am sure that His plan is not just to allow you see the end of 2016 but also the end of many more years in front.

Today, be grateful to Him
Just tell Him thank You

Have a great day



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