Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Don't Like Saying "I Told You So"

He was one person I concentrated all my efforts on when I was actively consulting, because I found in him a zeal yet to be equaled in attending to the needs of our Clients.

In those days, he would spend his own official time and also spend his own spare time to ensure that our Clients get the best of services whether in his unit or not.

He was what I may jokingly refer to as "Our Man Friday"
If you were tight and could not take up your schedule, just mention it to him, and he would gladly stand in for you and that was without any conditions unless you want to appreciate him later.

He was fully occupied for himself and for others. And it was such that he had no time to do anything else but that one job that brought it money through the linear pay line

One day I sat him down and I asked him what he would do were this job to be lost and he had no fallback position; he told me that God would take care and that he's sure that all his friends would not let him suffer untowardly.

I kept advising him to launch out and diversify by setting up other streams of income; he gave "being busy" as an excuse for not being able to multi-task and handle more than one job at a time.

That was 15 years ago.

Early January, his Organization was hit by the rocket that is flying around now due to increasing cost of labour and the Company had to declare 90% of their workers redundant and my hard working friend was one of them.

I did not get to know until last week, because he said he was ashamed to let me know then because he was hopeful that it won't take more than a week for him to be fixed again in another job considering the experience he has garnered over the years in the Industry.

But to his chagrin, and utter dismay, all those he had hoped to link him up should he fall into the land of despair are either denying him or also complaining of the "hard times" we are in.

He did not have much savings as he solved all his challenges and those of his family members from his salary and the much left is what he has been using to move around, dropping CVs and making calls and all that; and right now he is low on funds

As a last resort, he got to me. Said he was ashamed to tell me that he lost his job and that he did not heed to my advise of many years ago and is right now in dire need of a job.

He wanted to know what to do to diversify his income

Well, we are on that now; but I have told him that in this business clime of nowadays, it requires patience and loads of it to start earning from online businesses.

I really don't like saying "I told you so" but sometimes I am tempted to utter it.

If you have a job and you are still surviving only from your salary, learn from my friend's experience.

The era of Job Security has gone with the winds; anyone can lose his or her job at the blink of an eye lid.

We live in uncertain times, DIVERSIFY now

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP



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