Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What Shall Your Report Be In 2016?

You have been attending cross over nights for the past 4 years and each year has been dubbed a special one in which all your problems shall be seen no more.

In 2012, the Pastor declared it a year of "double portion" he promised that whatever it was that was lacking in your life would be restored a double fold in that year, you believed him but when that year ended, you were not any better than you were in 2011.

In 2013, he said it was a year of "Divine Abundance", he led you into believing that no matter how 2012 was, that 2013 was actually going to beat it hands down and that God would be at work in your life to provide in abundance all that have been lacking in your life. 2013 came and went, oh thank God for life, but that was all the abundance you witnessed and experienced, things were still as tight as they were in 2012 if not tighter.

In 2014, you allowed yourself to be led into believing that it was a year to "Reclaim lost Destinies". Well you knew where you were heading to so you were not part of those whose destinies were lost and needed to be reclaimed but what can you do?
2014 went without much impact aside the fact that you were alive and well.

And then 2015 was declared the year of "heaven on earth" and of all those who found heaven on earth because they were affiliated or related to Sambo Dasuki, you were not one of them and heaven was still far from earth as far as you were concerned.

In these 4 years, despite your belief and attendance to all those cross over nights and their declarations, you are yet to actually get out of the rut.

Now 2016 is here and once again you attended the cross over night and again they have declared it the year of "Total Deliverance" or whatever else.

What will your report for 2016 be like?

Will it still be like that of the last 4 years?

Do you know that "faith without works is dead?"
Do you remember that without action all good intentions become nothing?
Do you know that what can change a man's destiny is not only his belief but also his practice?
Do you know that If you go to preach to a hungry man and afterwards you tell him God bless you, that he is more likely to curse you than appreciate that you brought the Scriptures to him?

If you need a better report in 2016, you must do some things you did not do in the past years, WORK on the declarations.

Believe it - yes
Mouth it - yes
Work on it- YES

B -------------  M -------------  W

It is the action that is taken on a plan that makes it come to the limelight.

Madness they said is "doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result"  The quote is not original to me

I wish you well in this year

Let God Reign Supreme

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP



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