Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Business For Business Partnership

In the past 10 years, I have been actively involved in Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing as it is popularly called.

I have joined quite a number of MLM Organizations, made some bucks from them and then dropped off when the business environment was no longer conducive for me.

I have also held unto some others because time and time again, they had proven to be responsive to the needs of their Distributors.

Much as I would recommend MLM any day as a viable means of passive income, I would also have to point out a certain dangerous practice, that I noted that does not augur well for the Distributors.

It has been my experience that once the person who introduced you to the network has collected his bonus off you, s/he leaves you to your own understanding and goes in pursuit of another prospective bonus earner. This has led to many persons getting frustrated and dropping out of what initially came up as a lucrative opportunity to earn a life time passive income.

The other thing I also observed is that some persons consider themselves permanently situated to be at the top i.e. they always want to be the ones to introduce you to a new opportunity and are not willing to join you in any new opportunity that you have enrolled in without them being at the head - that is what I term the "height of selfishness"

I once had a friend who introduced me to 6 MLMs (yes SIX). He would sign up, present the opportunity to me and I would gladly sign up under him whether or not I found the opportunity appetizing or not. I was doing so, just to encourage him but one time (just ONCE), I signed up with a "lucrative opportunity" and invited him to sign up under me but he DECLINED to do that, claiming that the opportunity did not appeal to him. I looked him straight in the face, eyeball to eyeball and told him off and that was the end of our "friendship" because I am not given to such selfishness.

I also have another "friend" who only remembers me whenever he has keyed into an opportunity and wished me to review it with a view to join and of course, I have always declined since the primary essence of the friendship is built on joining him in the networks he forwards to me.

I sincerely think that in the MLM business, no one should be the utmost leader, that all of us can be leaders too no matter how small the level of leadership may be.

I think that MLM business should be a symbiotic relationship where both partners support each other in their quests to make a life outside paid employment and not a parasitic relationship where one party continuously feeds off the other party.

And as a person, I have demonstrated this time and time again. I have brought people into the MLMs that I do and which have been yielding me some good income, and I have also followed them to the ones they do and signed up under them. That way we encourage each other to work hard and we look out for each other too when we are not strong.

By getting involved in the Business for Business Partnership, both parties have a sense of fulfillment and  belonging and would go out of their ways to support each other.

When I am leading you in one MLM and you are leading me in the other, the sense of abandonment would be eliminated as we continually look out for each other.

That is what I am preaching in these times and what I am equally up for now.

So if there is any friend of mine who is up for this B2B Partnership, then ring me up and let's talk.

I have a dozen of such opportunities to share.

Let's encourage one another

Waiting for your call

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

Medical Consultant/Life Coach/Author/Mentor/Publisher/Plan B Income Promoter/Entrepreneur/Motivational Speaker/Health and Wellness Consultant/Blogger


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