Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When Will You Start?

This message is for you, yes YOU

I have been talking to you for a long time now to take action today that will speak well about your future tomorrow.

I have been annoyed with you and it didn't help
I have tongue lashed you but you remained the same
I have sweet tongued you but you apparently were not impressed
I have humoured you but you still keep looking like you are lost

Let me remind you that each one of us has just 24 hours allocated for each day - no more, no less - and for each hour we let get lost, it is lost for ever and can never be recalled; therefore there is a great need to constructively utilize each hour we have so that we do not regret wasting time when eventually we have no more time left to use.

1.      If you have no job now and you have your certificates, you have been job-hunting for a while, and each interview you attend appears to be the last one before the  job comes to you and yet you do not get employed - keep the certificates aside and get going with your skills and talents (in this digital age - your sabiticate (what you know how to do) is surely worth more than your certificate (what you are taught how to do)

2.      If you are working but not happy with the job you are doing and instead of being happy whenever you start getting ready for work, you are rather sad and always hissing and getting easily irritated, it is time to look outside. If you experience no job satisfaction, then stop killing yourself because for every sigh you hiss because of your job, you lose a microsecond of your life

3.      If you have a job which you are happy at but you think you are underpaid as in you are not earning your worth, (No job actually pays anyone what they are worth) then you need to use your after office time to start working on your own and by yourself

Whatever challenges you are presently having with respect to being actively engaged, you can consult me and I shall guide you gently to discover your innate abilities and capabilities.

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