Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Month Of Abundant Grace

The Month Of Abundant Grace


Welcome to the month of December

It is the 1st of December 2016, the beginning of a brand new month, the TWELFTH month in this dispensation. It is another God given opportunity for us to make a go at life and living; to erase the bad memories of the past month and concentrate on moving forward.

Interesting things would happen in this month but the most interesting is that you shall witness it all and be alive to tell the tale.

In this month, God shall re-write your history, and you shall have every reason to rejoice.

In the place of stones in the mouth, He would give you meat
In the place of rock, He would give you bread
In the place of bitterness, He would give you honey
In the place of barrenness, He would give you children
In the place of mourning, He would give you joy
In the place of lack, He would supply all your NEEDS
In the place of joblessness, He would lift your head up

When your detractors confound you, He would raise a Banner of protection
When they come against you in seven ways, He shall scatter them in a hundred ways

He would provide the Strong Tower into which you shall run in and be Almightily protected
He shall not allow you be put to shame
He would uphold you by the Power of His Mighty Right Hand
And any tongue that shall rise up in judgement against you, He shall deal with

He is God, He is your Father, He loves you so much, He would bear you in His Palms and nobody can prize you away from Him.

That is my prayer for you this 1st day of this new month of December 2016, by the 31st of December, we shall take stock.

It is also my prayer for myself

Happy new month

Do have a great month

Bless and be Blessed

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP



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