Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy Children's Day To All Nigerian Children

My Friends

It's Friday and it's the 27th day of May 2016

Apart from the fact that it is the last Friday in the month of May 2016, it is also the harbinger of the weekend that we always look forward to but in Nigeria, it is the CHILDREN'S DAY

A day set aside to celebrate Nigerian Children where-ever they are and in whatever position they find themselves.

No child has a choice as to who became their parent, no child has a choice as to which geographical enclave they are born or into which religious sect they are raised.

But Parents have a responsibility, to raise their children to become World Citizens and not just some fanatic somewhere.

Parents have a duty to allow their children enjoy God given rights to education, to health, to exercising their creativity and in being who they were born to be.

Much as Parents would desire that their children live the lives they themselves were unable to live, but it is important to know that history has shown that most children who were forcefully cloned to become like their parents, usually throw off such toga at some point in their lives thus causing a heavy mental blow on their Parents.

Today, I join the rest of Nigerians in celebrating Nigeria's Children and to wish them a WONDERFUL day and a WONDERFUL life!

Happy Celebration

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP



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