Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Coming Back From Sleep

Coming back from sleep to life is the greatest miracle of all times
if you doubt it, ask a dead man and hear what he will tell you

So, whenever a new day dawns and I have the priviledge to spend one more day on this side of eternity, I am always most grateful to my Maker

Because of all gods He is God

All other gods are the works of men
they hear not, they see not, they speak not, they touch not and they heal not. They are as dead as those who worship them

But my God is the Only True God
He hears, He feels my pains and agonies, He speaks to me, He touches me just when I feel lost, He's ALIVE  and He lives within me.
He is my Healer

If my God is not your God, then make haste and join up, the night is far spent

Have a glorious Wednesday
Remember it is our #AnointedWednesday
Let's go back to Him and refresh our anointing for exploits

God bless you real good

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP



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