Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This November - Step Up Your Game

Hello Friends,

Certainly November is not just here, it is already on its journey out.

It is the 4th day of November 2015 and in 26 days time, it will be gone.

26 days are not in the realm of eternity but a lot could still happen in the remaining days of November.

But that is completely dependent on what you are doing with your time.

What are you engaged in doing?
A Civil Servant (8am to 4pm)
A Public Servant (8am to 6pm)
A Retiree?
A Pensioner?
A Stay-at-home Mum?
A Stay-at-home Dad?

What do you find your hands doing when you are not sleeping?

This November, step up that your game.

This is the 2nd to the last month of the year and money has to be made because December is literally the month of expenditure. So if the money to be spent in December is not made in November, it would not augur well for the festivities.

Have you been earning One kobo all through this year, this November, strive to earn One hundred kobo and there are loads of ways to increase earning whether or not we are employed or unemployed.

Are you employed like I stated above, this November, to step up your game, take out a Plan B action of income stream. If you don't know how to do that, ASK me (that is why I am here for you)

Are you unemployed but employable?, this November, to step up your game, EMPLOY yourself. There are hundreds of ways available now (thank God for the internet) that any young and energetic person can employ him or herself. If you don't know, ASK me. I shall guide you to the genuine sources

Are you unemployed and unemployable?, this November, to step up your game, LEARN a trade or ACQUIRE a skill.
No skill or talent is to be wasted, hone them this November and make a difference in your liquidity value.

And as you do that, I certainly would be expecting you right where you ought to belong - guess where?

Waiting to celebrate you at the end of November 2015

Cheers to a successful step-up program



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