Tuesday, November 10, 2015

There Is No Job Out There

Now listen up

I am only going to say this once and it would just be nice if you concentrate on this for just 2 minutes forgoing every other thing for its sake

There is no JOB out there
Infact the Nigeria of today is a Country where jobs are being LOST on daily basis.

Those who were in employment yesterday, report to the office today and find out that they have been logged out of their systems, signifying that their jobs are gone. They cry and wail and ask questions, but no one is giving any answers.

So if you are still carrying your credentials around, you need to become wiser

And one of the wisest things any wise person can do at this present time is to EMPLOY HIM or HER SELF

You want to know how to employ yourself??

Then attend the one day Abuja Empowerment Workshop, holding this Saturday, by 10 am at Suite 37, Nandu Plaza, Zone 5 Wuse Abuja.

For N2, 000. 00 only, you shall leverage on our links and systems to actually employ yourself and you would be shocked at why it has taken you this long to come to the realities of the present times.

That program is one that you cannot afford to miss

So, whether you are employed, or marginally employed, or underemployed or unemployed, even if you are a retiree (retired but not tired) or a Stay at home Mom or Dad; a Student, a Corper; whatever your class, that workshop is for you.

Come, learn and empower yourself

A call to 0809-811-5050 will reserve a seat for you

Make that call NOW!!!

See you there

The program is powered by
Dollar Hunters Naija



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