Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Success In September


Hello friends

Another new month is here.

It is called September, not only is it a new month, it is also the first ember month of the year and the last month in the 3rd quarter and the 9th month of this year 2015.

If there are still any resolutions in our New Year Resolution list that are yet to be taken off the Board, then this is the month to commence them; because with the arrival of the ember month, the year 2015 is surely heading to an end.

It is in line with the above thought that we have decided to invite you to participate in our program Success In September #SiS.

In this program we want to assist as many persons as had wished to establish a second stream of income as one of their resolutions for this year but have not commenced that yet. We want to assist them to establish a second stream of income, either through ONLINE BUSINESS or OFFLINE MULTILEVEL MARKETING BUSINESS.

For those who think that starting a business is CAPITAL INTENSIVE, you would be shocked to know that with as low as N5, 000.00, you can start your own ONLINE business and with as low as N10, 000.00 you can start your own OFFLINE Business - yes it is that low.

So stop fretting about capital and start doing something to achieve your goal for 2015.

We are here to assist you so you would be in business for yourself but not by yourself, all the support you need shall be provided by us.

So what are you waiting for?
Kill that limiting spirit now, kill procrastination NOW!!!

Successful people are ACTION TAKERS

Take action now: send your Name, Location, Email Address and Phone Number to 0705-994-9508

Don't let this September pass you by

You MUST Succeed In September

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

Originator - #SiS


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